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World in Conflict: Rise of Nations mod Logo

World in Conflict: The Rise of Nations is a mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. It is set in the Information Age and adds new nations with new units and many more effects in game like throwing grenades and more realistic AA Guns.

It is developed by Uthum876, "Valdemar" and CanoWorms.

Description of mod:Edit

"World in Conflict is perhaps the most audacious project that has ever been embarked upon for Rise of Nations. It will implement real-world realism into Information Age warfare. This includes radical changes to graphics, units stats and all around game-play. The mod has already been released as an Alpha, and the Beta is being worked on. We estimate that it should be fully completed by either summer or fall of 2012." -ModDB entry

Game features:Edit

  • New nations: USA, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Waziristan (potential terrorist faction), India, China, North Korea, South Korea
  • New effects and new Nation Systems:
    • New smoke graphics. •Multiple attacks for certain units. For instance infantry can throw frag grenades in addition to attacking with guns. Tanks can fire machine guns in addition to firing their cannons. Helicopters can use rockets, AT missiles and autocannons and etc.
    • New more realistic Naval Warfare.
    • Popultion limit is set at 600.
    • Realistic unit stats & balance. Infantry more susceptible to being killed by vehicles, but if they can creep close enough vehicles are helpless. Helicopters will use fuel. Longer build times for vehicles. Artillery have longer-ranges. Attack aircraft are capable of destroying entire columns of enemy units. Bombers can easily level cities, and etc.
    • Real-world cost system. Military hardware is extremely expensive, especially tanks and aircraft. All vehicles, ships and aircraft will require metal, wealth and oil. This will force the player and the AI to have a strong-economic footing and it will even make crippling an enemy's war effort even more effective if their workers are being killed. Furthermore it forces the player and the AI to rely heavily on infantry as both of them will not be able to afford a lot of hardware; this will finally bring realistic infantry based warfare to RON. Furthermore ramping costs will make hardware even more expensive. So there will be absolutely no chance to spam tanks and other vehicles onto the battlefield either through the player's hand or by the AI. Players will now learn to use strategy and carefully use vehicles, aircrafts and other assets.
    • Brand New art and graphics. Dozens of new models and animations that will bring to life today's modern armies.
    • Brand New sounds.
    • New unit types such as support infantry, snipers, recon vehicles, different types of artillery and etc.
    • New Icons.
    • Generals and patriots will be removed and new "officer" soldiers will be put in their place. Spies will be able to assassinate and sabotage behind enemy lines.
    • Increased efficiency and usefulness for special forces troops.
    • Vehicle transport capabilities are being worked out. So are things like suicide bombers, car bombs, citizen happiness and things like coups and famines. This is all via a quick-battle script.
    • New buildings such as a Special Forces command are being created.
    • Apartments and houses will be buildable outside of the scenario editor and they will be able to provide an additional amount of wealth.
    • Wonders will be assigned to those factions who actually built them in real-life.