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We're crossing borders; the New World Order's here!
- Mel Brooks, The Producers

World Government is one of four Future Technologies and becomes available at the Library on the Information Age Information Age once all regular technologies have been researched. It requires a vast amount of Food Food and Knowledge Knowledge, and time to research, and researching it increases the cost for all subsequent Future Technology research.

World Government removes timers, allowing certain events to occur instantaneously:

World Government is not considered a Civic Civic Research - a connected Dye rare resource does not reduce its research cost.

Like all Future Technologies, World Government cannot be researched in Conquer the World mode.

For some strange reasons the World Government technology makes all nations except allies declare war on whoever has that technology. Most likely it is because its extreme lethal features like allowing instant assimilation of settlements, instant victories without timers which can result in instant conquest of enemy nations once their capitals are seized, thus making the bearer of this technology extremelly dangerous.

Enemy nations will refuse to make peace with a nation that has World Government as long as said nation has this technology activated (which can't be de-activated without cheats), even if the peace is offered when they are facing certain defeat, they will refuse to make peace with whoever has this technology.