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Woodcutter's Camp
A Woodcutter's Camp is a nation's main source of Timber Timber. It needs to be placed near a forest and must be staffed with Citizens in order to produce Timber Timber.

The amount of worker slots depends on the number of "forest tiles" within the Woodcutter's Camp's range (one forest tile is 2x2 trees). Forest tiles in enemy territory cannot be worked, thus provide no slots. Also, each forest tile can only be worked by one Woodcutter's Camp.

When construction of a Woodcutter's Camp is completed, the nation is also granted a one-time bonus of 25 Timber Timber. Any workers that helped building the camp will automatically become workers, as long as there are free slots. Destroying a Woodcutter's Camp yields a plunder value of 25 Timber Timber.

By default, each worker produces 10 Timber Timber per 30 seconds. If a Woodcutter's Camp is placed within a city's radius, its productivity can be increased by building a Lumber Mill in that city. Without upgrades, a Lumber Mill adds 20% to Timber Timber production of all Woodcutter's Camps in the same city, resulting in a gather rate of 12 Timber Timber per worker per 30 seconds. By researching upgrade technologies at a Lumber Mill, the bonus can be increased to 50% (15 per worker), 100% (20 per worker) and 200% (30 per worker).

Nation powers Edit

  • The French Power of Leadership: Get additional 1 worker slot per each Woodcutter's Camp, regardless of the actual number of worked forest tiles. So, with a Woodcutter's Camp placed near 3 forest tiles, they would get 4 slots.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Woodcutter's Camps do not rise in cost.
  • The Iroquois Power of Nation: Woodcutter's Camp workers gather +2 Food Food along with the Timber Timber gathered, which is affected by the Granary and Agronomics technologies.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Woodcutter's Camps have +25% hit points and are built 20% faster.

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