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Modelled after real-life "Wonders of the World": Monuments that represent the magnificence, power and prestige of the nation that built them; Wonders are a unique class of buildings in Rise of Nations, which unlike regular buildings, can only be built once in an entire game, and at a great cost; albeit with a greater reward if successfully built. Any nation can compete for being the first to build a particular wonder, although if another nation builds it first, the losing nations' efforts are wasted.

Overview Edit

Many wonders from varied locations, ages, and time periods can be found in the game, and each offers a particular set of benefits according to them, and which range from a boost in resource production, the Commerce and Population caps to a discount of research times and costs; or even unique bonuses to buildings/units.

Each Wonder also has a cultural point value associated with it, called Wonder Points. On standard game settings, a game can be decided entirely on what nation has the most wonders, and win by accumulating of enough of them. Some game modes even develop entirely around Wonders, building them quickly being the determining factor in victory. As a general rule, The more "advanced" the Wonder (that is, the age it becomes avaliable), the more wonder points it grants.

Wonders are generally limited to only two types per age for each nation. Most Wonders must also be built near a city, and each city has a limit of one wonder (except for the Egyptians, whose national power allows for 2 wonders per city), limiting the number of Wonders to the number of cities controlled.

Rise of Nations shipped with fourteen Wonders available to build. The Thrones and Patriots expansion added three new Wonders bringing the total to seventeen.

List of Wonders Edit




Wonder Points

Classical Age Large Classical Age

Hanging Gardens

Hanging garden
200 Food

200 Wealth

+1 Wonder point


  • +50 to Commerce Limit on Wealth, Food.
  • +1 City Limit City Limit.
  • Cost to build new Cities decreased by -33%.
  • Improves Food gather rate by +20%.
200 Timber

200 Food

+1 Wonder point


  • +50 to Commerce Limit on Timber, Wealth.
  • +50 Population Limit .
  • Improves Wealth gather rate by +30%.
200 Timber

200 Wealth

+1 Wonder point

Medieval Age Large Medieval Age


  • +3 to National Borders
  • +50% to Attrition to enemy units
  • -20% to cost of Towers and Forts
300 Metal

300 Timber

+2 Wonder point

Forbidden City

  • Functions like a Major City
  • Provides +50Food, +50Timber, instead of the usual +10/+10
  • Can be built wherever a City can; does not count against a City's Wonder Limit (1 wonder per city).
  • Is invisible to enemy until construction is complete.
  • Capital timers don't affect you
  • Campaign: Doubles the length of capital timers for you whilst halving that of your opponents, upon researching Civic Civics 4: Divine Right.
300 Timber

300 Food

+2 Wonder point

Terra Cotta Army

300 Food

300 Wealth

+2 Wonder point

Gunpowder Age Large Gunpowder Age

Red Fort

  • Massive Fortification with long range, many Hit Points, extra garrison value, and increased border push.
  • Can be built wherever a Fort can
  • Is invisible to enemy until construction is complete.
  • Receive Fortification upgrades for free
  • Increases all Forts' hitpoints by 33%.
  • Units garrisoned at any Fort heal at +500% the normal rate.
400 Wealth

400 Metal

+2 Wonder point

Porcelain Tower


  • Ships are created 50% faster
  • Increases your income from rare resources (in your territory) and Markets by 200%.
  • Receive the bonus abilities of all Rare resources in your territory, even if you don't have a Merchant there.
400 Wealth

400 Metal

+2 Wonder point

Temple of Tikal


  • +50% Timber gather rate.
  • Commerce Limit on Timber increased by 100
  • Temple effects increased by 50%
400 Timber

400 Food

+2 Wonder point

Enlightenment Age Large Enlightenment Age



  • Reduces the non-Knowledge costs of Library research by 50%.
  • Your Supply Wagons can heal your troops (and French Supply Wagons heal at double the normal rate).
  • Siege, Artillery, and Supply units move 25% faster.
500 Metal

500 Food

+3 Wonder point

Angkor Wat

  • +50% Metal gather rate.
  • +100 to Commerce Limit for Metal.
  • -25% to Barracks, Stable, and Dock unit costs.
500 Timber

500 Wealth

+3 Wonder point

Industrial Age Large Industrial Age

Taj Mahal


  • +50% building hit points
  • +66% Wealth income
  • Raises Commerce Limit for Wealth by +200
600 Timber

600 Wealth

+4 Wonder point

Statue of Liberty


600 Food

600 Wealth

+4 Wonder point

Modern Age Large Modern Age

Eiffel Tower

  • +100% Oil income
  • Raises Commerce Limit for Oil by +200
  • +6 to National Borders
700 Timber

700 Metal

+6 Wonder point


  • Raises your Commerce Limit for Food, Timber, Oil, Metal by 200.
  • Increases attrition damage inflicted on unsupplied enemy units in your territory by 100%.
  • Spies are created instantly.
  • Gain the use of an extra Spy unit which does not count against your Population Limit and is rebuilt for free whenever it is killed.
  • Campaign: The extra Spy bonus doesn't apply unless the Wonder is actually present on the map.
700 Metal

700 Food

+6 Wonder point

Information Age Large Information Age

Space Program

Space program
800 Knowledge

800 Wealth

+8 Wonder point

Super Collider

Super collider
  • The cost to buy goods at Market is never higher than 125Wealth; the price to sell is never lower than 50Wealth.
  • All Technologies and Upgrades can be researched instantaneously.
800 Knowledge

800 Food

+8 Wonder point

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