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Whales are one of 31 Rare Resources in the game and one of two resources in the ocean, with the other one being Fish. Usually, whales can only be found on sea maps a certain distance away from the shore. Whales can be gathered by Fishermen (built at the Dock) and give the following benefits:

  • Food Food gather rate +10
  • Metal Metal gather rate +10
  • Movement speed of sailing units increased by 20%

Whales improve the speed of sailing ships.

The food gather rate from Whales can be increased by researching technologies at the Granary, while the Metal production can be increased in various ways, as described in the main article. Also note, that Metal is not gathered before the Classical Age.


For those who faced the vast oceans — the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans — there was the opportunity to hunt whales. Whales not merely provided food and oil, but also provided ambergris, a much-sought perfume as well as whale baleen. The most famous of whalers were the Japanese as well as the Basques who lived in northern Spain. Basque fishing and navigation savvy soon led them to blaze new trails westwards with the discovery of the New World.

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