The Warsaw Pact (see The Cold War Campaign), is the Eastern European, real-world organization for the socialist Eastern Bloc, that is featured in one of the Conquer the World Campaigns, The Cold War Campaign.


The Warsaw Pact begins the Cold War campaign with 4 territories:

  • West Central Europe- East Germany
  • Central Europe (capital)- Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia
  • Finland
  • Balkans- Romania, Bulgaria


  • West Central Europe- East Berlin, Rostock
  • Central Europe-
  • Finland-
  • Balkans-


  • Walter Ulbricht- Modern Age
  • Erich Honecker- Information Age

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • They have the exact same abilities as the Germans due to the fact that they are a Tribes folder nation only. The Warsaw Pact file can be found in the "/conquest/ColdWar" folder.
  • The Soviets cannot build a Wonder of the World in Warsaw Pact territory, as the Warsaw Pact is a Soviet client state and not actual Soviet territory. Only the Americans can build a Wonder in the Warsaw Pact territories, if they successfully invade and conquer them, or use a Treachery card to gain one of them.
  • The Warsaw Pact is a Soviet client state, and therefore diplomacy cannot be conducted with them. Neither is it possible for them to conduct diplomacy of their own. The only diplomacy that can occur is with the Soviets.
  • Interestingly, if an AI controls the Soviets, the Warsaw Pact's member territories will remain loyal and never defect to NATO, even if no post-World War II reconstruction ever takes place there.