Warring States
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
One large continent with everyone, surrounded by an archipelago. Continent is long like Japan.

Warring States is a land/sea map type in Rise of Nations. All nations start on the same landmass, a long continent running through the center of the map. Several smaller landmasses (islands) are scattered around it. Often there's a river on the main continent.

The player's starting locations are always lined up in a row, with team players starting next to each other, thus the map typically works best with two players or two teams.

Default Terrain sets to appear: Dirty (25%), African Savannah (25%), Arctic (25%), Snowy (25%). See main article Terrain on how to change this.

Resources Edit

Timber Timber (Forests): Scarce. There's a couple of smaller forests near the starting locations and on most islands. However, especially with 4 or more players, Timber can become quite scarce on the map. If you find yourself lacking on Timber, try to build and upgrade Lumber Mills, get the Temple of Tikal wonder or play as the French.

Metal Metal (Mountains): Scarce. Usually there's one mountain per player, though sometimes two players will have to share a mountain. Islands typically have one or two mountains on them. Especially with 4 or more players, Metal can become scarce. If you have trouble gathering enough Metal, try to build and upgrade Smelters or get the Angkor Wat wonder.

Oil Oil: Average. Most of the oil is found in the oceans, but players will also get one source of oil next to their starting locations.

Rare resources: Average. Theres at least one rare resource per player on the main continent. Addtional resources can be found on the islands, with some islands holding three or more resources. Lots of Fish and Whales.

Strategies Edit

Unless playing a 2-player game, you will find very little space to expand to on this map, sometimes not even enough to build a second city. There's usually some neutral territory towards the center, though often absent of resources. Try to research Commerce Commerce 2 (Coinage) as soon as possible to be able to colonize the islands and claim basic and rare resources located there. Remember that competition for resources, especially for land, will become fierce at later times (when nations become more industrialized) so be sure to strengthen your army.

The aforementioned islands are very important to control as it can provide multiple stategic elements. You can construct a dock and an airbase, thus permitting you to attack the enemy from several angles.

Land units are normally restricted in moving through the map. Due to this, be sure that they move in small groups for efficiency. If they have to cross through the water, be sure to have a navy to guard them.

Naval Units are very important on this map. Especially the late-game bombardment ships usually are capable of attacking any spot on land. Note that naval siege can make it easier to conquer enemy cities.

Wonders are highly vulnerable to attack as naval units and aircraft can bombard these buildings.

In terms of invading, it can be difficult in fending off enemy attacks from multiple sides. In many situations, players will choose to assault from the ends of the island/continent and then send reinforcements at the front. Moreover, the islands serve as important areas for the presence of military troops, aircraft, and naval bases.

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