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The War Elephant is an Indian and Persian Unique Unit of the Classical Age Classical Age. Unlike other unique units, War Elephants do not replace any standard units, but are a unique Unit Type entirely exclusive to both nations.

War Elephants have great resilience, and exceptionally high armor for a unit of its age, and excel at defeating Heavy Infantry. However, they are very vulnerable to missile fire, and are weak against the shots of Light Infantry and Foot Archers. In the Medieval Age Medieval Age, War Elephants can upgrade to the Mahouts, which grants them a small increase in stats, and more importantly, the ability to attack from range in addition to its powerful melee attack.

Trivia Edit

  • War Elephants, along with the rest of the Elephant line, are the units with the most armor in the game, even surpassing Main Battle Tanks, which have a point less.

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