The Vikings are a barbarian nation in the Conquer the World Campaign, based on the famous Vikings, a term coming from Old Norse "víkingr"; seafarers of Norse origin who raided and traded all over Europe, becoming a force widely feared for their lighting quick raids and military might, and sought-over mercenaries for their prowess as warriors, their raids and adventures reaching as far as Daylam and Volga Bulgaria to the East, Spain and North Africa to the South, Iceland and Greenland to the North, and the British Isles and North America to the West. Their invasions and those of their descendants, along with the states that these descendants formed, were tor shape the history of Europe, and the world at large.

In the "The Entire World" Campaign, they occupy the Unclaimed Territories in Europe. Like every other barbarian nation, they use the Barbarian unique units and have the Power of Sacrifice from the Aztecs. If the player controls the Aztecs, then they will use the Mayan Power of Architecture instead. Their building style is North European and their unit style is European.

Unique Units Edit

Along with the other barbarian nations, the Vikings train the following Barbarian units:

Leaders Edit

Cities Edit

  • Lund
  • Novgorod
  • Whitby
  • Haithabu
  • Grimista
  • Loddekopinge
  • Ribe
  • Isbister
  • Staraja Ladoga
  • Westness
  • Noirmoutier
  • Hedeby
  • Odense
  • Brattahlid
  • Trondheim
  • Kettletkorpe