Hello everyone! I just wanted to share what is my order to edit the wiki. Obviously there's a lot of files and articles missing, and the matter is not of what to add, but when to add it. Just until recently, I finished adding all the articles belonging to the Ancient Age category. There's still information missing in that category, but I believe is more important to have an article to actually exist, and then to improve it over time. So now I intend to move to the next age, and so on and so forth. After all these articles for units and buildings, which are the most basic information we need to have here, have been created, then we can move on to refine the actual content on the articles. After that is done, then we can look forward to get all the information for the game concepts, game modes, maps, and such. Then may come the flavor articles and information, like the history pages or trivia sections.

So that's my plan for editing. If you want use it as a guideline, then excellent, I hope it's helpful. If you have a different idea, then go ahead with that too, this is just intended as a reminder of what is more important to have at this time. You can use, or even share, a different plan or guideline if you like.

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