To Rise fans and ambitious modders:

Now that Rise of Nations has been on Steam for over a year, beautifully HD remastered, we have an open door for new civilizations and abilities. This especially caters to the history enthusiasts.

I've seen some great fanon nations put on this wiki. Brilliant ideas like Brazilians . I spent my time today writing up a playable version of the Vikings as more than a barbarian civilization, but an expansionistic and competitive world power. It took months of gathering information, keeping them in a journal on my computer, and balancing the Vikings to not be too powerful (by having weaknesses to counteract strengths). I finally spent my day turning it into the Wiki page I wanted it to be.

Calling All Great Minds!

I encourage the whole community to come up with a lot more fanon, and we can lobby SkyBox Labs and Microsoft to create a second expansion to one of my favorite games of all times. Age of Empires made a third expansion, now it's RoN's turn. Keep it realistic, and you'll see the fruits of your efforts.

Here's your homework and a good starting point, and boast your results in the comments:

The Questions

  1. Who is your nation that's not yet playable in the game?
  2. What actual historical battles has your nation been involved in?
  3. What nations has your nation conquered?
  4. What territories has your nation colonized?
  5. What has your nation accomplished better than other nations?
  6. The __nation name__ has the power of ___________.
  7. Existing nations in the game have on average 32 cities. Can you come up with at least that amount of cities and settlements?
  8. Who were the greatest leaders of your nation?
  9. What special units or weapons did your nation use?
  10. Is your nation offensive , defensive , or economic?

Turn it into a Wiki Page

  • Write down or keep a notepad document with your ideas.
  • Research your nation. Know your nation. Become your nation. Now, we're getting philisophical!
  • After you've answered the questions above and compiled your information, make an appealing Wiki page. Utilize images (like posting a flag image) and media (even the little thumbnails for food, wealth, ages, commerce limit icon, etc.) Make it visually appealing and consise. Please note the Fanon rules to keep compliant with the site.

Other tips

  • Keep it realistic and historically accurate. Rise of Nations isn't colonizing other planets, nor are we giving rise to rebel groups that don't exist.
  • Special abilities and unique units should be reflective of your nation's history and characteristics. For example, if your nation is powerful in science and research, don't give them unnecessary and irrelevant stable unit bonuses. For every special ability, there should be some sort of justification.

Post and Boast

After your hard work is done, post it here. Be open to criticism and changes. Then it's time to take action. We will be the reason Rise of Nations' third expansion will exist and convince the developers that their work on a new expansion will be profitable.

I'm greatly looking forward to seeing your great ideas.


Fellow Rise fan.