• Game cuts off at "pre-loading graphics" - tech tree issue
  • NO_GPIECE_ERROR - can be caused by a bad graphics file
  • Game freezes whenever a unit is created - can be caused either by unitrules.xml error, or possibly a BH3/BHA issue. In which case you will need to re-export a file or two.
  • EXCEPTION error: you may have created a bad hierarchy, ie placing an upgrade of a unit below the unit it was "jump"ed from.
Error Solution Comments
The game crashes with a NO_GPIECE_ERROR printout.

Check your unit_graphics.xml and building_graphics.xml files.

It can be caused either by a missing graphics entry, or a badly coded one. Equally, check and re-export your graphics files.

It is usually advisable to use placeholders early in coding, replacing the sprites over time as the mod's elements gradually pass playtesting.
The game freezes for no reason and stops. Check your files, beginning with unit rules and building rules code.

This is a very difficult bug to deal with because it can be caused by many factors.

There are several reasons why this can happen. 

The first is that units or structure are made to "jump" to a unit or structure which a certain faction cannot build, ie unit A is specififed to jump to B, but B can't be built by certain factions.

The second is that bad bh3 or bha files can cause issues. In which case the files and graphics models ought to be reexamined and re-exported if nneed be.

Finally, a faction may have only up to 8 units marked "y" under "Flags". If the number of units marked "y" is 9 or more it can result in a crash.

Some units are not appearing in the building I want them built.

Check the following:

  • Are the grid coordinates of the units correct?
  • Are they an upgrade of a pre-existing unit?
  • What sort of unit do they replace?
Some units are not supposed to appear at the same time in the game, ie archers and machine guns in a single faction. A faction may train either machine gun-type units, or any unit which occupies the BOWMEN slot, but not both at the same time.
I get an EXCEPTION error. It is unknown what causes this as there are many reasons: people have reported this issue even when playing the vanilla game on a clean copy of RoN.

You may need to re-examine the coding for unitrules.xml. Try to check on what units are grafted to, what the <FROM> and <JUMP> flags contain.

Finally, a faction may have only up to 8 units marked "y" under "Flags". If the number of units marked "y" is 9 or more it can result in a crash.

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