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    • Game cuts off at "pre-loading graphics" - tech tree issue
    • NO_GPIECE_ERROR - can be caused by a bad graphics file
    • Game freezes whenever a unit is created - can be caused either by unitrules.xml error, or possibly a BH3/BHA issue. In which case you will need to re-export a file or two.
    • EXCEPTION error: you may have created a bad hierarchy, ie placing an upgrade of a unit below the unit it was "jump"ed from.

    Error Solution Comments
    The game crashes with a NO_GPIECE_ERROR printout.

    Check your unit_graphics.xml and building_graphics.xml files.

    It can be caused either by a missing graphics entry, or a badly coded one. Equally, check and re-export your graphics files.

    It is usually advisable to use placeholders early in coding, replacing the sprites ove…

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    By now you should have managed to understand:

    • anim_graphics governs the animation of the unit,
    • unit_graphics governs the appearance of the unit and also determines what animations listed under anim_graphics to use.

    In this section we will now begin working with the appearance of the unit. You must be thinking, "freaking finally!" However we still have a long, long way to go before we can finish up the task of introducing a Panzerfaust to RoN.

    With anim_graphics.xml now cleared out of the way, it is now time to introduce the unit_graphics.xml file. As mentioned before, unit_graphics.xml determines the appearance of the unit, as well as the animations associated with it.

    To create a new unit, we need to create a new entry under the tag. This is…

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    By now you should have managed to understand that:

    • .bha, .bh3 and .tga files are required to make a single unit sprite.
    • unit_graphics governs the appearance of the unit,
    • anim_graphics governs the animation of the unit,
    • unitrules governs the unit stats,
    • balance.xml and craftrules.xml govern the abilities of the unit,
    • typenames.xml and help.xml allow you to write player information about the unit.

    In this section we will talk about anilmation. Without proper animation, the unit will not move normally and will appear to be floating around when it should be walking.

    Putting the files into the ./art folder here however isn't enough since Rise of Nations won't recognise them. To do this, you need to edit/create a new version of anim_graphics.xml and ins…

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    Are you itching to insert teddy bears and crazy death robots into your game? or are you just peeved that BHG left a whole load of inconsistencies and ahistorical bull in your game? well then, this guide is meant for you!

    Modding a unit in Rise of Nations looks more difficult than it really seems. To be honest, the only issue involved may be in creating the renders and the tedium in the coding required, but overall it is actually a very fast process, and sometimes rewarding as well.

    This guide tries to go step by step in designing a model from scratch, from the creating of the graphics required for a new unit all the way to getting it to work in the game. We will first explain how graphics are created, and then go on to inserting the model in…

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    "As you put on fresh new clothes and take off those you've worn,
    You'll replace your body with a fresh one, newly born."
    Bhagavad-Gita (Cap II)

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C Clarke

    Science research increases line of sight for many of your units (including buildings), makes new Resource technologies available so you can increase gather rate, permits construction of new types of buildings, and decreases the cost of all other technology research incrementally.

    "What means all of this?" — Marcus Aurelius

    "Frankly, I see nothing but scientific extravagance in all these calculations." —Frederick "Alte Fritz" II of Prussia, letter to Voltaire

    "All substances are poisons; the…

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