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Classical University, North European/Mediterranean style.

The University is the civic building that gathers Knowledge Knowledge, a basic resource that becomes increasingly important as the game advances. It becomes available in the Classical Age Classical Age, and, as with most buildings, it can only be built within a city's borders, and only one is allowed per city.

Gathering Knowledge Edit

A University generates 10 Knowledge Knowledge per 30 seconds by itself. To increase Knowledge production, Scholars can be created at the cost of Wealth Wealth. Each University can employ up to seven scholars.

Initially, each Scholar generates +5 Knowledge Knowledge. This gather rate can be increased by researching the appropriate technologies at the University, which become available as new Ages ares reached and Science Research is carried out at a Library.

with technology Knowledge per Scholar Knowledge per University*
none 5 45
Literacy 7 59
Printing Press 10 80
Scientific Method 15 115
Institutional Research 20 150
Supercomputers 25 185

Knowledge generated per 30 seconds from a University with seven Scholars, including Knowledge production from the building itself.

Completing a University yields a one-time bonus of 25 Knowledge Knowledge.

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Miscellaneous Edit

  • Universities have an Eject button which allows to eject all Scholars from the University. Outside of an University, Scholars can be ordered to pick up arms and become Militia/Minutemen/Partisans or to garrison a different University. While not working at a University, Scholars generate no Knowledge. Note that after a few seconds Scholars will return to the University they were ejected from, the idle time can be set in the options.
  • Universities have the Infinite Queue option: Press V, then Q to have the University constantly create new scholars as long as the nation's Wealth and Population Limit allows for it and as there are still open slots to fill.