In this battle, there are four other nations on the map:

  • Thessalians (blue. Ruled by the Archon of Thessaly)
  • Thebans (green. Ruled by Phoenix)
  • Athenians (yellow. Ruled by Demosthenes)
  • Spartans (purple. Ruled by King Agis III)

The first objective of the battle is to march towards the Thessalians capital in hope of pressurizing the Archon of Thessaly in handing the title of to you. Alexander's father, Phillip, had been Archon before he had been murdered by his personal bodyguard while entering a theatre, so it should be easy to gain the title. You start with a large army, and the location of Thessalonica is revealed on the minimap. When you march towards Thessalonica, be aware that there are a couple of forts and towers along the way. The Archon of Thessaly hands you the title a soon as you get to Thessalonica, giving you full control over northern Greece.

Soon after capturing Thessaly, Alexander recieves a message from Phoenix which says, "Go home". Alexander is angered and sets off towards Thebes. If you are more of a economical person, there are heaps of trees and mountains in your territory.

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