Transport Ships are a unit type in Rise of Nations. They are considered 'meta units', as they cannot be built directly, but instead are created automatically when needed. However, a nation needs to develop Science Science 1 (Written Word) and own at least one Dock before land units are allowed to embark on transport ships.

As a nation progresses through the ages, transport vessels are upgraded automatically to newer models, thereby slightly increasing their hit points. There are three different transport ships:

Transport Ships in general are extremely vulnerable to attacks, especially from Light Ships, Submarines, Fighter Aircraft and land-based defense structures like Cities, Towers, and Forts. Therefore, landing operations should be well prepared (by clearing the coast line from defense structures) and protected.

Transport vessels benefit from a connected Copper rare resource (+20% hit points) and from Whales (+20% speed for sailing ships), but not from Citrus (heals ships at sea). However, they can be healed/repaired by a Supply Wagon, if the nation is French or owns the IconVersailles Small Versailles wonder. Transport vessels move at the same speed regardless of how fast or slow the enclosed land unit moves; however, certain units such as the unique American Marine units have a movement bonus, as well as a hit point bonus.

Button - Auto Transport

A land unit can be prevented from automatically embarking on a transport vessel by turning off the option Auto Transport (see left) in the unit's command box.

Trivia Edit

  • Civilization V, released in 2010, employs a similar concept on sea transports, with land units moving into a sea tile automatically embarking on a transport ship. In all previous Civilization games the player was required to build transport ships and manually load/unload units.

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