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Transport Barges

Transport Barges crossing the ocean.

The Transport Barge is the Transport Ship of the Ancient Age Ancient Age. As a meta unit, it cannot be built but instead becomes automatically available as long as Science Science 1 (Written Word) is researched, and a Dock is built (which requires Commerce Commerce 1 (Barter) to be possible). After these requirements are met, any land unit trying to cross ocean will automatically embark on a Transport Barge until it reaches land again.

Being little more than a rudimentary covered raft, the Transport Barge has very low hit points, moves fairly slow and thus is extremely vulnerable to most attacks, especially those from the nimble Light Ships, and buildings (Cities, Towers, and Forts.).

Notes Edit

  • The game files show the only prerequisite for a Transport Barge to be reaching the Classical Age Classical Age, but this does not apply.
  • The files also list the unit's cost as 30 Timber Timber, 30 Wealth Wealth. This doesn't have any effect in gameplay, however.

Trivia Edit

  • Besides having a cost for transport ships, the game files also show a value for the amount of spaces a unit can take in a transport, and all transport ships have a unit icon. This demonstrates that at some point, transport ships were going to be recruitable units, as is the case with most strategy games.