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"Gain your point by persuasion, not by force."
Bias of Priene, Classical Greek philosopher


Researching Trade allows Caravans to establish trade routes with friendly and allied cities, increasing Wealth generation. It also increases the Commerce Limit for all resources by +50 (excluding Knowledge, which is not limited).

Trade increases the Caravan Limit by +1, allowing you to create another trading route.

Quick reference cardEdit

Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 260Knowledge; 100Timber
  • Time to complete: Short
  • Com2 Commerce
  • Com4 Commerce


Wise rulers realized the value of trade in the form of tax revenue and the provision of valuable commodities, such as iron ore from Scandinavia or African gold, and would seek to control and police trade. Most notable of all were the attempts by the Mongol khans, who set up a highly sophisticated administrative and communication structures throughout the lands they conquered, comprising a series of relay stations providing fresh mounts, fodder and logistical support for merchants and couriers.

However, not everything which came out of intercontinental trade was always benign — gunpowder, originally invented by the Chinese, soon found its way into the West, where it was used by Muslim and Christian alike to inflict death and suffering not only upon their enemies but even on the tribal societies of Africa and America. Yet, the scale of devastation caused would pale in comparison with the Black Death. Thought to have emerged first in the Mongol Steppes, the Black Death soon spread to China and Asia, before reaching Europe in the late 14th century. Over ten million are estimated to have perished by 1400, at the plague's greatest height in Europe and although it eventually dissipated, its effects would change Europe forever, eventually bringing the Medieval Era to a close.

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