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Two technology lines can be researched at Towers: Attrition and Militia.

Attrition Edit

Attrition Attritio (4 technologies, research requires Wealth Wealth / Metal Metal). The first technology, Allegiance, becomes available in the Classical Age and enables attrition damage in your territory: Unsupplied enemy troops constantly take small amounts of damage and ultimately die from it. This essentially prevents enemies from doing imprudent raiding and harassment attacks. Further research increases damage from attrition.


"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your own country."
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

  • Enemy units in your territory take attrition damage if unsupplied (Level 1)
scope="col" style="text-align: center; 80File:Metal.jpg"
  • Time to complete: Fast
  • YuriwandCastrum
  • Fortress

Oath of FealtyEdit

"I will to my lord be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns." —Anglo-Saxon Oath of Fealty

  • Castles and Fortresses are stronger, have greater range and can garrison more units.
  • Required to access Citadel
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 150Wealth; 150Metal
  • Time to complete: Rather fast
  • FortfyCastrum
  • Thinredline Military
  • Civ2 Civic
  • Patriotism Attritio


"The last refuge of the scoundrel." —Samuel Johnson

  • Attrition damage to enemy units increased to Level 3
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 300Wealth; 300Metal
  • Time to complete: Rather slow
  • Fealty Attritio
  • Enlightenment age small Age
  • Civ4 Civic
  • Caraaljefe Attritio


"We can't live on the same planet as them and I'm glad because I don’t want to."
—Christopher Hitchens, Anglo-American polemicist

  • Attrition damage to enemies increased to possibly maximum.
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 450Wealth; 450Metal
  • Time to complete: Long
  • Patriotism Attritio
  • Modern age small Age
  • Kapowwow Civic

Militia Edit

(3 technologies, research requires Food Food / Metal Metal). The first technology becomes available in Classical Age and will add a To Arms! button to all Citizens and Scholars which converts them into Militia. Armed Citizens provide a last line of defense if other troops aren't available or already dead. Further research allows to convert Citizens to stronger Minutemen and finally Partisans. Researching Militia also grants Towers an additional +1 range per tech level for a total of +3 tiles at maximum tech level.

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