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Towers are small, affordable military buildings designed for area defense, available from the Ancient Age Ancient Age onward, as soon as Military Military 1 (The Art of War) is researched. Like Forts, Towers automatically attack enemies within its line of sight, and can be garrisoned.

There are also two types of research available at towers. The first is the line of Attrition upgrades, which cause increasingly large amounts of damage on enemy units within the player's territory without Supply Wagons. The second is the line of Militia upgrades, granting Towers +1 range per tech level, and increases Citizen hit points as well as allowing them to answer a call to arms and becoming Militia units. Although they will not stand up to any regular contemporary army, they can be used to defend from an unprepared attacker, harass enemy Supply Wagons, or stall an attack while the main army gets to the battle.

Unlike the Fort, a Tower is smaller, significantly cheaper, and can be built anywhere in the nation's territory. On the other hand, they don't expand the nation's borders, are less durable, and don't hit as hard. Determined enemy raiding parties can destroy lone Towers even without siege equipment, and all siege equipment has a greater range than towers.

Upgrade table Edit

All Towers automatically upgrade for free, when the tech requirements are met. Building cost is not affected by upgrades.

Building Age Tech Prerequisite Base HP Base range
Tower Ancient Age Ancient Age Military Military 1 (The Art of War) 750 0-10 tiles
Keep Medieval age small Medieval Age Military Military 2 (Mercenaries) 1000 0-10 tiles
Stockade Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Military Military 4 (Conscription) 1300 0-11 tiles
Bunker Modern age small Modern Age Military Military 6 (Nation-in-Arms) 1700 0-12 tiles

Garrisons Edit

All types of Towers can be garrisoned by most land units, except for Artillery Weapons and late game Vehicles and Tanks. Garrisoned units receive both protection and healing. The healing rate can be increased by researching Medicine technology at a Granary. Towers have an initial capacity of 5 units and gain an additional +2 slots per each Fortification technology researched at a Fort.

By garrisoning Citizens and Infantry units inside a tower, it also gains up to 2 additional attacks (projectiles) for a total of 3, this is called Garrison Power. The number of infantry required to gain an additional attack depends on the garrisoned units' strength and type, with melee units counting only half their strength.

Garrisoning a General or Patriot increases both the attack strength and range by +1. Garrisoning more than one of these units won't have any further effect.

Improvements Edit

Technology Edit


The ancient Tower is the first avaliable.

Researching Militia technologies at any Tower increases it's attack range by +1 tile per tech level for a total of +3 tiles at maximum tech level.

Researching Fortification technologies at a Fort increases each Tower's garrison capacity by +2, not +5 as stated in the tooltip. The Tower's attack range and Line of Sight are both not affected by these technologies.

Towers profit from the various Construction technologies available at the Lumber Mill, gaining an additional 10% hit points per each tech level researched, up to +30% at maximum tech level.

The modern Bunker is the final Tower upgrade.

Rare Resources Edit

Connecting an Obsidian site with a Merchant increases all Tower's attack strength by +1. It does not increase the number of attacks, as the resource's tooltip suggests.

Wonders Edit

Owning the Taj Mahal grants Towers +100% hit points.

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