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The Tower is the first Tower building, available in the Ancient Age Ancient Age as soon as Military Military 1 (The Art of War) is researched. Like Forts, Towers automatically attack enemies within its line of sight, and can be garrisoned.

There are also two types of research available at the tower. The Attrition and Militia technology lines, available from the Classical age small Classical Age onward. The former grants Towers +1 range per tech level and activates the important mechanic of attrition, which deals sustained damage upon unsupplied hostile (neutral or enemy) units that encroaching within the nation's borders. the latter increases Citizen hit points and allows them (alongside Scholars) to answer a call to arms and become Militia units.

Unlike the Fort, a Tower is smaller, significantly cheaper, and can be built anywhere in the nation's territory. On the other hand, they don't expand the nation's borders, are less durable, and don't hit as hard. Determined enemy raiding parties can destroy lone Towers even without siege equipment, and all siege equipment has a greater range than the Tower.