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Tobacco is is one of 31 Rare Resources in the game and available from the beginning.

Like all rare resources on land, Tobacco can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location. When gathered, it provides the following benefits to the nation:

Note, that Knowledge is not gathered until a nation has entered the Classical age small Classical Age, with one exception: The Greeks may gather Knowledge from the beginning, making an early exploitation of this resource very useful.

Construction Speed Bonus Edit


The construction speed bonus is almost insignificant for most of the basic structures, reducing the construction time of a Farm or Woodcutter's Camp for example by just 1 second and that of a Temple or University by 2.8 seconds. It becomes somewhat noticeable and important with certain structures like the Fort, which gets it's construction time reduced by as much as 18 seconds - allowing for faster expansion and defenses.

However, the bonus has a fairly large impact on wonder construction times, especially that of mid-to-late game wonders. For example, IconAWat Small Angkor Wat or IconVersailles Small Versailles both receive a reduction by 47 seconds on their base construction time, while the late game IconSCollider Small Super Collider and IconSProgram Small Space Program get their base construction time reduced by a whopping 1 minute and 20 seconds!

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