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The Tiger Tank is the German unique tank of the Modern Age, replacing the regular Tank.

Production Edit


The Tiger Tank is built and upgraded at the Auto Plant. It upgrades from the standard Light Tank. By upgrading, the unit receives +33 hit points, +2 attack strength, +1 attack range, +3 movement speed, and +1 line of sight.

In comparison to the regular Tank it replaces, the Tiger Tank receives an additional +10 hit points, +1 attack strength, and +1 movement speed.

Production cost for this unit increases progressively with every Auto Plant unit on the field or currently in production. However, the maximum cost for Tiger Tank is capped at 180 Metal Metal / 135 Oil Oil. Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.


The Tiger Tank is based on the German Tiger II tank used during the late stages of World War II. It is depicted with Henschel turret (details here and here).


  • There is an MG34 machinegun mounted on the turret. However, it does not fire and its purely aesthetic.
  • The Tiger Tank model is always painted with desert camouflage, even if the terrain and setting are different.