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The Vinci Empire has fallen, Age of Magic is over and new age is dawning for people of Vinci, an Age of Science and Technology.

The industrious Vinci people are masters of metal, steam, and clockwork. Their newly found civilization is younge and just existed for 150 years after the fall of the old Vinci Empire. They rely on their ingenuity and practicality to realize their ambitions. Unfortunately, much of their striving is directed inward—the Vinci city-states are, at best, a loosely connected affiliation of uneasy alliances. At worst, they are a network of bitter enemies, unified only their methods of destruction. Although they share a common heritage, the Vinci provinces have their own unique flavors that set them apart from each other.

The lands of the Vinci are divided up into 13 provinces, all of whom have traded and warred upon each other at various times in the past. At the moment, the two most powerful factions are the province of Miana and the province of Venucci. The Doge, a ruthless, power-hungry commander bent on subjugating the entire Vinci people, rules Venucci. Petruzzo Giamba, who was recently murdered by the Doge, previously ruled the Province of Miana. His younger brother, a brilliant inventor named Giacomo, now leads Miana. In addition to seeing to the welfare of his people, Giacomo is bent on getting revenge for Petruzzo’s death. He has vowed to see his bitter enemy, the Doge of Venucci, pay…regardless of the cost.

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