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Thirteen Provinces of Vinci

The lands of the Vinci are divided up into 13 provinces, all of whom have traded and warred upon each other at various times in the past. At the moment, the two most powerful factions are the province of Miana and the province of Venucci. The Doge, a ruthless, power-hungry commander bent on subjugating the entire Vinci people, rules Venucci. Petruzzo Giamba, who was recently murdered by the Doge, previously ruled the Province of Miana. His younger brother, a brilliant inventor named Giacomo, now leads Miana. In addition to seeing to the welfare of his people, Giacomo is bent on getting revenge for Petruzzo’s death. He has vowed to see his bitter enemy, the Doge of Venucci, pay…regardless of the cost.


Minana is one of the most prosperous of the Vinci states. Under the fair and wise rule of the Giamba family, Minana has grown out to a state that rivals that of Venucci. However, the Doge of Venucci has recently murdered Petruzzo Giamba the lord of Minana. Now Petruzzo younger brother of Giacomo Giamba leads Minana.

· Giacomo Giamba


Pandonia is a vassal state of Miana. Trusting their defense to treaty with Miana and protection money paid to Pirata, the people of Pandonia prefer to focus on internal affairs. Much of the Pandonian economy comes from the Walker factories in the southern lowlands.

Pirata/Pirata Aerodrome

Pirata is enclave east from Pandonia that is known to be near lawless state since the fall of the Vinci Empire and that is now under the control of the Sky Pirates. Pirata is mountainous region with allot steep cliff walls, bottomless ravines and canyons with make very hard and dangerous to travel through it. The people of Pirata command a unique technology that allows them to build airships, which they use to travel safely through the mountain regions. Most of the Pirataians are merchants, trading with other states for the valued resources they need to survive, but in recent years they are also become known for privateering and pirating skills. Pirata is now controlled by the Sky Pirates, a loose alliance of merchants, privateers and pirates, who have restore peace and order to Pirata for the time being. They have largest air force in all of Vinci and offer their services to the highest bidder.

· Pirata Captain Lenora

Lenora is leader of the Sky Pirates and chief among the leaders of the Pirata Houses. Her skill as a pilot is legendary, but even those tales are exceeded by her reputation as a ruthless competitor in business and sport.


Vernazza was a rich mining community until it was taken over by the Montuchio Condottieri. The Montuchio Condottieri receive fees for mining rights in this Timonium-rich land. The inhabitants have grown tired of seeing their lands stripped bare and the profits shipped to the vaults of the Great Castle. Minana has few small mining operations going on in Vernazza and the people of Vernazza more than happy to work for Minana than for the cheating Montuchio. During one of the mining operations, workers uncovered mysterious artifact that made few workers that worked to close to the artifact became sick. Lord Petruzzo Giamba with his Giacomo Giamba traveled to Vernazza to take the artifact back to Minana for further study. However, the Doge of Venucci who has learned about this discovery was first at the site, stole the artifact and murdered Petruzzo before he can claim the artifact.


The Viscount of Tarona was a loyal and trusted servant of Miana. However when Petruzzo died he withdrew Tarona from Mianan control and refused to give his reasons. Not trusting Giacomo’s abilities as a leader after Petruzzo’s the death, the Viscount has declared his impedance from Mianan rule. Reports tell that the Viscount has found wreckage of some strange aircraft, it has allows him to produce powerful snake-like machines. Rumors say that the Viscount also secured a new technology, which gives him major advantage over his enemies.

Condottiere/Condottieri Castle

Condottiere is a province that lay in the centre of Vinci and was once the capital of the former Vinci Empire, its people were slow and too reluctant to embrace the technological changes sweeping the lands. Transformed into loosely-joined bands of Condottieri mercenaries, they are powerful, but their infighting keeps them occupied and disorganized, preventing them from regaining their former glory. The fighting between two of the most powerful Condottieri fractions, the Forzi and the Montuchio, has reached a stalemate. Forzi wants to restore peace and order to Condottiere and they are eager to embrace the technological advancements that have been made, but Montuchio wants to reinstate the rule of the Vinci Empire, restoring its former glory and band all technologies form the land. Montuchio exploits any nearby states, forcing them to pay outrages fees and protection money so that they can to keep their war going. Montuchio controls the Great Castle, the cornerstone of all the fighting in Condottiere, if the Forzi can take over the Great Castle the Montuchio rule will be broken and people of Condottiere can finale build a new future for themselves.

· Condottieri

The Condottieri are the last remnants of the Vinci imperial family, since the fall of the Vinci Empire and destruction of the Condottieri Imperial Royal House all-remaining Houses of Condottieri have been fight one and other for the throne of the empire. While their empire long has crumbles into dust and the rest of the people of Vinci have all moved on to the future, but the Condottieri are still stuck in the past, fighting meaningless blood feuds and their lands scared by their civil wars. If there are two things that all of Vinci can agree on is this they will say; “Condottieri good fighters, bad rulers” and “If one of the Condottieri Houses ever win those fights and thinks that they have the divine right to rule over us, then they have other thing coming.”



Umberto Forest

Umberto is a contested region in the southland still recovering from the Condottieri War. New settlements have sprung up here, composed of citizens seeking escape from the conflicts to north. Recently a splinter group of Pirata has broken away from the Houses of Pirata and claimed a large portion of Umberto for them-selves. The people of Umberto are able of holding out against the onslaught of this group of rogue Sky Pirates. However, the attackers are heavily entrenched along the road to the city and its matter of time before the city’s supplies runs out.


The southern state of Maldini provides a key route of access to the rich state of Feligno.

Feligno – Capital of Don Slario

Feligno is a proud and beautiful land with rich history and culture. Unlike the blasted Wasteland or the steam-choked Venucci, Feligno is a clean and prosperous place. However, the stories that are now coming from Feligno are grim. Before Don Sclario became a puppet of the Doge, he was known as ambitious but kind ruler. The people of Feligno were more than willingly give their support to Don Sclario. Now Don Sclario rules with an iron fist and the people are suffering. He has fortified the cliffs above the ancient city of Feligno and those who protested against it were public executed.

· Don Slario

Don Slario is powerful Vinci noble with grand designs of his own. He has apparently found advantage in an alliance with Venucci.

Monte Laguna

Monte Laguna has grown fat from the rich Timonium deposits found here. With so much prosperity, Monte Laguna has recently automated nearly all mining operations using imported Mianan technology, further increase their profits. However, disaster has stuck and Monte Laguna is slipping into chaos. All of the clockwork devices in the area have risen up and overthrown their master. What’s more, they have begun make more of themselves, constructing more clockwork creations made from scrap metal and stolen spare parts. This will do massive damage to Miana reputation of making reliable clockworks and blow to public trust in the clockworks as much of the Mianan economy comes from building clockwork machines. Who is responsible of creating this clockwork mergence?

· Clockwork Scavengers

Wasteland - Capital of Lord Rocco

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