North AmericaEdit


" tileset="arctic" red="1" green="102" blue="176" continent="North America" value="23" rare="Fish" id="Greenland" left="359" right="495" top="16" bottom="157" x="455" y="106"> <LINK to="Nunavut" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Quebec" sea="1"/>


Foreigners have been known to send settlers to this region. Unfortunately, none have survived past the winter yet, but that could easily change. Even so, this is a cold and desolate region. Our Caravans and Merchants refuse to follow us if we embark on this battle.

  • Supply center available


" tileset="snowy" red="194" green="66" blue="200" continent="North America" value="2" rare="Huskies" id="Nunavut" left="211" right="403" top="21" bottom="265" x="270" y="230"> <LINK to="Greenland" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Yukon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Quebec" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Dakota Plains" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Great Lakes" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> </CO


The British have built all their cities along the St. Lawrence River which runs through the middle of this province. We will be backed into a corner to start this battle, but if we take a city in the middle, we can break their nation into two.

capital="1" size="2" id="Quebec" left="339" right="482" top="157" bottom="290" x="379" y="228"> <LINK to="Greenland" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Nunavut" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Great Lakes" sea="0"/> <LINK to="New England" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


value="23" tribute="30" id="Oregon" left="92" right="196" top="221" bottom="300" x="152" y="254"> <LINK to="Yukon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Dakota Plains" sea="0"/> <LINK to="California" sea="0"/> <LINK to="New Mexico" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

Dakota PlainsEdit

Our scouts report nothing but open prairie as far as the eye can see. This may be the Lakota's capital, but if so, we have yet to find any sign of their presence.

wner="lakota" value="1" capital="1" size="5" id="Dakota Plains" left="190" right="274" top="243" bottom="314" x="235" y="280"> <LINK to="Yukon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Nunavut" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Oregon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="New Mexico" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Texas" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Louisiana" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

Great LakesEdit

We can expect many lakes and large forests in the Iroquois capital.

"> <LINK to="Nunavut" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Quebec" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="New England" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


" value="23" rare="Maize" supply_depot="1" tribute="20" card="Warpath" id="Indiana" left="261" right="331" top="266" bottom="347" x="298" y="325"> <LINK to="Nunavut" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Dakota Plains" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Great Lakes" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Louisiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Pennsylvania" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Virginia" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Carolina" sea="0"/> <


> <COUNTRY name="California" tileset="sw_desert" red="26" green="1" blue="215" continent="North America" value="32" rare="Wine" supply_depot="1" tribute="20" id="California" left="85" right="137" top="268" bottom="342" x="107" y="304"> <LINK to="Oregon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="New Mexico" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Mexico" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

New EnglandEdit

" tileset="late_autumn" red="110" green="249" blue="91" continent="North America" value="3" rare="Fish" tribute="20" card="Population Boom" id="New England" left="335" right="405" top="273" bottom="313" x="382" y="294"> <LINK to="Quebec" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Great Lakes" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Pennsylvania" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

New MexicoEdit

" tileset="sw_desert" red="212" green="248" blue="104" continent="North America" value="23" rare="Salt" id="New Mexico" left="119" right="196" top="288" bottom="357" x="157" y="322"> <LINK to="Oregon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Dakota Plains" sea="0"/> <LINK to="California" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Texas" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Mexico" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


" tileset="sw_desert" red="241" green="157" blue="186" continent="North America" value="32" rare="Cattle" tribute="20" id="Texas" left="176" right="253" top="303" bottom="421" x="213" y="377"> <LINK to="Dakota Plains" sea="0"/> <LINK to="New Mexico" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Louisiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Mexico" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

Louisiana Edit

If we expect to compete with the French on land we will first have to drive them from the sea.

<LINK to="Dakota Plains" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Texas" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Carolina" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Florida" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Cuba" sea="1"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


" tileset="autumn" red="115" green="121" blue="247" continent="North America" value="10" tribute="10" card="Food Economic Boom" id="Pennsylvania" left="322" right="374" top="306" bottom="332" x="349" y="315"> <LINK to="New England" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Virginia" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


" tileset="autumn" red="0" green="218" blue="174" continent="North America" owner="americans" value="1" capital="1" size="2" id="Virginia" left="320" right="365" top="325" bottom="348" x="340" y="337"> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Pennsylvania" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Carolina" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


The Aztecs' capital is located on an island on a lake. We will have a difficult time getting there. Ultimately, you will have to seize this land as it is strategically positioned between California and New Mexico overland whilst granting access to Texas and the Yucatan by sea.


" tileset="dirty" red="255" green="90" blue="17" continent="North America" value="23" rare="Tobacco" supply_depot="1" tribute="20" id="Carolina" left="275" right="361" top="345" bottom="377" x="328" y="360"> <LINK to="Indiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Louisiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Virginia" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Florida" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


" tileset="tropical_wet" red="8" green="128" blue="16" continent="North America" value="32" rare="Citrus" tribute="10" card="Missionaries" id="Florida" left="271" right="334" top="366" bottom="431" x="324" y="412"> <LINK to="Louisiana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Carolina" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Cuba" sea="1"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


The Spanish have made their capital on the large main island here. We will have to build up on the smaller islands surrounding it before we strike.

" tileset="jungle" red="244" green="197" blue="176" continent="North America" owner="spanish" value="1" capital="1" size="2" id="Cuba" left="300" right="375" top="443" bottom="473" x="331" y="451"> <LINK to="Louisiana" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Florida" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Yucatan" sea="1"/> <LINK to="West Indies" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Venezuela" sea="1"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

West IndiesEdit

" tileset="jungle" red="249" green="91" blue="191" continent="North America" value="32" rare="Rum" id="West Indies" left="346" right="474" top="470" bottom="513" x="396" y="478"> <LINK to="Cuba" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Venezuela" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Guyana" sea="1"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


This tropical paradise is populated by many city states. Do not expect them to give up even after losing their cities.

a" owner="maya" value="23" capital="1" size="5" wonder="Temple of Tikal" id="Yucatan" left="163" right="231" top="480" bottom="538" x="186" y="509"> <LINK to="Cuba" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Mexico" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Central America" sea="1"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

Central AmericaEdit

" tileset="jungle" red="56" green="72" blue="188" continent="North America" value="32" supply_depot="1" tribute="10" card="Great Thinker"

  • Tribute: 10
  • Bonus: Great Thinker
  • Supply center available

South AmericaEdit

New GranadaEdit

" tileset="jungle" red="215" green="102" blue="147" continent="South America" value="32" rare="Coffee" tribute="40" id="New Granada" left="204" right="312" top="527" bottom="651" x="258" y="601"> <LINK to="Central America" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Venezuela" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Amazon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Peru" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


" tileset="jungle" red="141" green="219" blue="245" continent="South America" value="32" rare="Diamonds" supply_depot="1" tribute="40" id="Venezuela" left="266" right="370" top="529" bottom="622" x="317" y="573"> <LINK to="Cuba" sea="1"/> <LINK to="West Indies" sea="1"/> <LINK to="New Granada" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Guyana" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Amazon" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


The Dutch have made their capital in a dense jungle. It will be hard finding our way around this province.

<LINK to="West Indies" sea="1"/> <LINK to="Venezuela" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Amazon" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="

Central BasinEdit

The Portuguese are not the only colonists in this area. The French have established a colony as well. Perhaps we can work them against one another.


Broad rivers and dense jungle covers this area. Using the riverse as a waterway, we can reach most of South America right away, save for faraway Chile and Patagonia.

  • Tribute: 20


" tileset="tropical" red="211" green="255" blue="5" continent="South America" value="3" id="Brazil" supply_depot="1" tribute="20" card="Timber Economic Boom" left="469" right="542" top="626" bottom="779" x="501" y="671"> <LINK to="Amazon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Central Basin" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="


Our scouts report many mountains in this region. We will have no problem finding Metal here, as well as a possible route into Chile and Patagonia.


" tileset="tropical" red="1" green="255" blue="255" continent="South America" value="35" rare="Sugar" tribute="20" card="Wealth Economic Boom" id="Bolivia" left="279" right="371" top="677" bottom="789" x="323" y="723"> <LINK to="Amazon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Peru" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Central Basin" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Chile" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Argentina" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="Central Basin" tileset="tropical" red="203" green="38" blue="54" continent="South America" owner="nubians" value="3" capital="1" size="1" id="Central Basin" left="358" right="474" top="704" bottom="869" x="415" y="769"> <LINK to="Amazon" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Brazil" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Bolivia" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Argentina" sea="0"/> </COUNTRY> <COUNTRY name="Chile" tileset="snowy" red="194" green="253" blue="53" continent="South America" value="5" rare="Copper" supply_depot="1" tribute="20" id="Chile" left="237" right="297" top="753" bottom="1006" x="271" y="877"> <LINK to="Peru" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Bolivia" sea="0"/> <LINK to="Argentina" sea="0"/>


card="Science Eureka" left="266" right="397" top="773" bottom="998" x="327" y="853">

<LINK to="Bolivia" sea="0"/>

<LINK to="Central Basin" sea="0"/>

<LINK to="Chile" sea="0

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