This page is about the campaign. For the skirmish/multiplayer map type, see New World.


Expand your territory in the Americas until your nation is in clear dominance of these fertile lands.

The Americans start as colonies of the British; the British dictate American foreign policy and collect taxes every turn in the form of tribute. The Americans can "declare their independence" by declaring war on the British. If the British declare war on the Americans, it has the same effect.

Victory ConditionsEdit

Different nations have different goals for victory.

  • The European Nations must destroy all the Native American civilizations, collect 1,000 tribute and possess more territory than any other European nation or the Americans.
  • The Native American Nations must drive out all the Europeans and have more territory than any other Native American nation.
  • The Americans must win their independence from Britain, drive out all the European powers and control all of the North America.


  • The European and American Nations can only have a population limit of 125 till the Enlightenment Age, when the World Advances to Enlightenment Age, they can have the normal limit of 200.

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