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Expand your territory in the Americas until your nation is in clear dominance of these fertile lands.

The Americans start as colonies of the British; the British dictate American foreign policy and collect taxes every turn in the form of tribute. The Americans can "declare their independence" by declaring war on the British. If the British declare war on the Americans, it has the same effect.

Victory ConditionsEdit

Different nations have different goals for victory.

  • The European Nations (British, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish) must destroy all the Native American civilizations, collect 1,000 tribute and possess more territory than any other European nation or the Americans.
  • The Native American Nations (Aztecs, Inca, Iroquois, Lakota, Maya) must drive out all the Europeans and have more territory than any other Native American nation.
  • The Americans must win their independence from Britain, drive out all the European powers and control all of North America.

Rules Edit

  • Until the world reaches the Enlightenment Age:
  • Once the Americans win independence from the British, they can train Ironclads as Light Ships in the Enlightenment Age.
  • Each nation is locked to a specific Government type:

Scenarios Edit

These missions may be chosen randomly in addition to standard Conquer the World Scenarios such as Tactics and Melee.

Federation Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories.

Five native tribes inhabit the territory. Initially, everyone is at war with everyone else, but player 2 (Blue) will gradually invite other nations into an alliance. One nation may offer to ally with the player instead.

Settlers Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories.

You have the advantage of arriving first and with the largest initial force. Five other nations arrive later as nomads. If prevented from founding their first city, they will not be defeated, but instead bring a new force at a later time.

Real-time diplomacy is possible and you can have up to one ally. Other nations decide how many total resources to expect for peace/alliance offers using a special script. Factors include the number of nations, difference in score, and a stored "attitude" which is based in part on whether you have ever fought and whether you are currently trading.

Mercantile Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories.

Have the most Merchant Huts when the timer expires. Attrition is disabled. Start with Commerce 1, a Market, and a Merchant. Competing nations have special AI that directs them to guard their own merchants and attack other nations' merchants.

Metal Rush Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories.

On the Tough difficulty, you must be the first to collect 2000 Metal Metal and you must do so within 15 minutes. Only "collected" metal counts: completion bonuses and market purchases do not count, and spending it is fine. Competing nations have special AI that directs them to focus on mining and on raiding your mines.

Native Rally Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories as a European power.

Survive for 15 minutes against disorganized attacks from four groups of natives. They are allied with each other, but they are an age behind, and can each be defeated by destroying their tower or fort.

Foreigner Rally Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories as a non-Aztec Native power.

You must not only hold out for 15 minutes but also ensure that no foreign cities exist when the game ends. Capturing the enemy's last city does not defeat them; the Europeans will keep trying to rebuild until 11 minutes have passed.

On Tough and above, your Library will be destroyed as soon as you unpause, and you will not be able to build new Libraries or Universities. You will have only your starting tech (Military 1) unless you manage to capture a city that has a Library. Complicating matters is that when you capture a city, it is sometimes(??) completely razed instead of assimilated into your nation.

Aztec Rally Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories as Aztecs.

You do not have a city, but only two Barracks. Kill enemy units to gain resources. You can train military units at 4x speed.

Tech Raid Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied or occupied territories.

You cannot research Library Technologies; instead, your Spies can steal technology. Each time you infiltrate a blue library, you steal one tech from each discipline (military, civic, commerce, science) where blue had been ahead. To make it possible to build spies, you start with a Fort and Science 2. On easier difficulties, you also start with one or two spies. Spies of both nations move faster.

Blue has several advantages to counter your ability to steal tech. Your spies who complete any cast order are immediately killed. When you infiltrate a library, blue gets a free scout who immediately uses Counterintelligence on the library. Blue occasionally gets free scouts or spies near a random blue library, with increasing frequency based on the number of techs stolen.

Frontier Expedition Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied or occupied territories.

Your citizens and most military units have no Line of Sight, making Scouts crucial for not only exploring but also for fighting. You can supplement your vision with Lookouts, Spies, Informers, and Sci 7.

Food for the Winter Edit

Can be used when attacking unoccupied territories as a non-native power, and guaranteed for Greenland.

Start with a city in the center. You must collect and store 2000 Food Food within 15 minutes (on Tough). There are no enemy cities, but enemy raiders will appear from several directions. Higher difficulties allow enemies to bring catapults, decrease the time allowed, and increase the victory requirement to 2500 Food Food.

Scenarios for specific territories Edit

Five territories have unique scenarios. AI nations will not attack these locations early on, effectively leaving the scenarios available for players.

Yukon Edit

Used when attacking Yukon Territory.

You cannot train caravans or merchants. However, after encountering a neutral merchant hut, you may purchase the ability to produce merchants.

Battle of the Forest Edit

Used when attacking Oregon.

A 2-vs-2 battle on a map dominated by trees. You will have to build compact cities in small clearings. These clearings are connected by thin winding rivers, making movement between them slow and dangerous. If you feel squeezed for space or metal, remember that you can build cities in allied territory. All other nations, including your ally, are Iroquois (unless you are Iroquois).

Amazon Edit

Used when attacking Amazon.

A dense network of rivers cuts through this heavily forested region. The rivers are wide enough to be navigable, and full of Fish. Gain 1000 Metal Metal each time you destroy a temple of El Dorado.

Andes Trek Edit

Used when attacking Chile.

You have no cities, but you have a barracks, stable, and siege factory. Use your starting army to collect lucrative Ruins from the maze of paths through the forest. Build a larger force in order to capture the highly fortified enemy city. The enemy cannot build a second city, spies, or scouts.

Island Diplomacy Edit

Used when attacking West Indies from Cuba.

There are five native groups. Their capitals are visible from the start. Real-time diplomacy is enabled and you can have up to one ally. As in the Settlers scenario, a special script determines prices for peace/alliance. Capturing a nation's capital eliminates them immediately ("sudden death capital").

Pirates' Cove Edit

Can be used when attacking West Indies from elsewhere.

Destroy all pirate Docks within 30 minutes. The pirates will attack early and often with combinations of gunpowder infantry and heavy infantry (German Landsknechts). However, if they capture a city, they will merely destroy some buildings and flee with loot. Intercepting the Transport Ships carrying pirate troops is recommended.

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