North AmericaEdit


Albeit its harsh climate, the mountains of Yukon are thought to host precious minerals which may be worth exploiting. The Yukon also is connected to the sea, allowing you quick access to East Asia via Kamchatka, or the rest of North America by way of Upper Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Tribute: 40

Upper CanadaEdit

  • Bonus: Sabotage

Lower CanadaEdit

  • Bonus: Military Eureka
  • Supply center


This vast and frozen insular region in the Arctic can almost be considered a continent by itself. Apart from  being a vital staging point between Lower Canada and the British Isles , it is also a vital source of furs from the exploitation of the local wildlife — whales, seals, and the archetypical polar bear.

  • Bonus: Cultural Dominance

Pacific NorthwestEdit

  • Tribute: 20
  • Bonus: Great Thinker

Dakota PlainsEdit

  • Bonus: Lakota Oath of Fealty

Ohio ValleyEdit

  • Tribute: 30
  • Supply center


  • Bonus: Iroquois Oath of Fealty

Rocky MountainsEdit

  • Bonus: Mercenaries
  • Supply center

Mississippi ValleyEdit

  • Bonus: Warpath

Atlantic SeaboardEdit

  • Bonus: Americans Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Aztecs Oath of Fealty


While not connected to any major area by sea, the Yucatan is no less strategic than it would seem, for it is the gateway between both the continents of North America and South America.

  • Bonus: Maya Oath of Fealty

South AmericaEdit


Owing to its bordering the Andes, the Amazon and the Yucatan, the Llanos or "plains" are a highly desirable area, especially owing to the fact that it hosts a Supply Center.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Bonus: Science Eureka
  • Supply center


  • Bonus: Inca Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Timber Economic Boom
  • Supply center


Named after the planar region south of the Amazon rainforest and the northern Andes, this territory has some of the most arable land in all of the world, and there is evidence of ample deposits of silver to be exploited by miners.

  • Bonus: Wonder of the World
  • Tribute: 40


British IslesEdit

  • Bonus: British Oath of Fealty

West ScandinaviaEdit

  • Tribute: 30
  • Supply center

East ScandinaviaEdit

  • Tribute: 40


The Kareliyan isthmus is a vital gateway between Scandinavia and the Russian lands, linking East Scandinavia to Russia and the Urals. Although somewhat small in size and harsh in climate, it is known for being a significant source of copper.

  • Tribute: 20


The strategic Ural mountains are held to be the frontier that separates Europe from West Asia, and is known for hosting immense natural resources ranging from timber to wildlife and minerals. Expect many conflicts to control this territory as it forms a crucial waypoint between Russia, Siberia, Kareliya, Persia and the Steppes.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Supply center


  • Bonus: French Oath of Fealty


It may seem like madness to live in a waterlogged and flooding-prone land like this but such is the case of Holland. Aside from its links to neighboring overland territories, it also forms a maritime shortcut across northern Europe into West Scandanavia.

  • Bonus: Dutch Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Germans Oath of Fealty

Central EuropeEdit

  • Tribute: 30
  • Bonus: Food Economic Boom


This vast land is characterized by vast plains, crisscrossed by many rivers and forests, and forms a vital link between the Urals and the Caucasus mountains, and Central Europe and Kareliya to the west and north.

  • Bonus: Russians Oath of Fealty


The harsh crags of this land belie its green and fertile heart of rolling hills and lakes. This mountainous region of geostrategic significance lies at the crossroads of many different powers in Europe, and forms the one overland gateway into Italy through western Europe.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Supply center


With overland links into four different territories in Europe, it is necessary for any European empire to seize the Balkans to secure its borders in Eastern Europe. The addition of a Supply Center and the presence of Amber also makes it a tempting target for conquest.

  • Bonus: Metal Economic Boom
  • Supply center


  • Bonus: Spanish Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Romans Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Greeks Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Turks Oath of Fealty


West AfricaEdit

  • Bonus: Propaganda
  • Supply center


  • Bonus: Merchant Guild


  • Bonus: Egyptians Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Commerce Eureka

Central AfricaEdit

  • Tribute: 30
  • Supply center


  • Bonus: Nubians Oath of Fealty

Ethiopian HighlandsEdit

  • Bonus: Civic Eureka

Southern AfricaEdit

This broad and windswept land is known known for being the homeland of the Bantu tribes, a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists and hunter-gatherers.

  • Bonus: Bantu Oath of Fealty

West AsiaEdit


This vast and sparsely populated land is known for its near-pristine environment and treacherous terrain, making it difficult to conquer except with utmost difficulty. That said, limited human presence here has allowed for a flourishing ecosystem, rich with all manner of wildlife for exploitation.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Bonus: Partisans

The SteppesEdit

For centuries since time out of mind, these flat and near-to-featureless planular territories represent some of the best pastureland, but that is not all. Whoever seizes the Steppes of West Asia will also be able to access a strategic crossroads between China , India and Persia.

  • Tribute: 10
  • Bonus: Food Economic Boom


These harsh and forbidding mountains form the north-western border of West Asia with Europe, and guards the main overland routes into the same. For this reason, the inhabitants have often developed a martial tradition which along with the vital supply routes that run through these mountains provide enough resources to raise a single army.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Supply center


Mesopotamia just doesn't mean that northeastern Middle East, that area bordered over by the Zagros to the northeast, and the Taurus to the north, but also includes the Levant as well in this campaign. So as a result, you are able to navigate towards Anatolia and the Caucasus in the north, Hejaz and Arabia to the south or Persia to the east – and at a fast pace to boot.

  • Tribute: 30
  • Bonus: Commandeer Transport


  • Bonus: Persian Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Indians Oath of Fealty


The north-west of the Arabian Peninsula is dominated by the Hejaz, which links Arabia to Egypt and Mesopotamia in the north.

  • Bonus: Eureka
  • Supply center


  • Tribute: 40
  • Bonus: Wealth Economic Boom

East AsiaEdit


The strategic Kamchatka peninsula functions as a beachhead which links the Yukon to East Asia , and is thus a prime spot of real estate for any power seeking to exploit its location between America and Asia by way of the New World.

  • Tribute: 40
  • Bonus: Logistics


In this land, some of the greatest and most terrible warriors are born and can be found. If united, they could well conquer the entire world.

  • Bonus: Mongols Oath of Fealty


This extensive land is dominated by fertile mountain valleys which make for good hunting and foraging, but the lack of civilisation and its isolation limit its potential.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Bonus: Metal Economic Boom


This northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago has access to some of the finest fishing grounds in all Asia, and is also a crossing point between Japan and the frigid lands of the Amur basin.

  • Tribute: 10
  • Supply center

Northeast ChinaEdit

The windswept and desolate terrain of this territory on the northern border of China belies its economic and strategic potential, which also includes routes into Eastern Asia via Goguryeo and the Yellow River Basin.

  • Tribute: 10
  • Supply center


Contrary to its being dubbed "The land of morning calm", Korea's landscape is often likened to "a sea in a heavy gale" due to the many mountains and hills which dominate it so for this reason, most of Korea's major cities are located in planar areas. The mountainous nature of this territory makes fishing and metalworking the mainstay of the locals, but traderoutes have been established here linking Korea to the rest of Asia, either overland via Northeast China, or southeast across the Yellow Sea to Japan.

  • Bonus: Koreans Oath of Fealty


  • Bonus: Japanese Oath of Fealty


This vast nation in the very middle of East Asia is the capital of the Chinese civilization. Linked to the rest of the world by a plethora of land routes, China also provides one of the two maritime connections of the East Asian mainland to Australia.

  • Bonus: Chinese Oath of Fealty

Southeast AsiaEdit

Located at a strategic juncture between China and India, Southeast Asia hosts a great biodiversity and a plethora of natural resources which make it a highly sought after region to conquer. Anyone capable of seizing this territory will be able to gain access not just to China, India and the Steppes, but also possess a route to Australia as well.

  • Bonus: Wonder of the World
  • Supply center


Dominated by a massive lonely desert, fringed with rolling plains and lush jungle, Australia's massive size ensures that it can easily rival any of the other continents of the world, and is a vital maritime outpost linked to China and Southeast Asia. The presence of Diamonds in the lonely wastes here also make it of strategic interest albeit from a commercial perspective.

  • Tribute: 40
  • Bonus: Trade Embargo