The Entire World is a Conquer the World campaign, where you can play as all the nations in Rise of Nations. This campaign is found on vanilla Rise of Nations and the Thrones and Patriots expansion pack.

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The objective of the game is to, of course, eliminate all nations and be the only one remaining, or be allied with the remaining nations. Yet, unlike the other campaigns in the Thrones and Patriots expansion pack, the Entire World campaign has no specific way to win. For example, the Cold War is won by having a higher industry or nuclear victory.


A critical parameter of winning is using advantages provided to you. The Incas have an advantage, given the fact that they start on a continent where they are the only one on that continent. They can then conquer the continent, South America and harvest its one-time unification bonus quite easily. However, if you play as the Incas, you must capture territory north of the Andes first and then the Amazon if you want to gain complete control of South America. This is because the Maya and Spanish stand in your way because the Maya occupy the Yucatan and the Spanish can capture West Africa, then the Amazon. If you do not take South America in the order given above, the Maya or Spanish (most likely the Maya) can jeopardize your chances of continental domination. You shouldn't let this happen, because conquering a continent can reward you with a large amount of tribute. Another advantage is how the British can capture Greenland, which is the gateway to North America . Russia has the ability to conquer many territories without nations standing in the way while the Americans and Egyptians start with Wonder of the World cards.

A final advantage is nation powers. Nation powers can never be neglected. Ignoring them will cost you greatly. Use your nation powers to win the campaign. The Maya and Russians have nation powers that can be used against invaders, while the Turks' siege and assimilation power can grant them a handful of territories, and maybe even domination of a few continents.

Nation PositionsEdit

The campaign is about making vital decisions and using what you learned to dominate. Your decisions determine what will happen. Another is your nation's position. Nation positions are also another role-player in the game. While nation positions can have negative impacts on you, if you land in the right position, you can use it at your advantage. The Dutch, British, Egyptians, Lakota, Inca, and Russians are few nations that have advantages regarding their position.


A final parameter of the campaign is diplomacy. Diplomacy can never be ignored. Alliances will play a vital role in eliminating nations. If you don't want to find yourself fighting against 2 nations, with you fighting on your own, check the world status regularly. If a nation you want to invade has a nearby ally, it's best to get an ally nearby or leave the nation alone. Besides making alliances and proposing peace, through diplomacy, you can also exchange. Exchange allows you to trade with a nation. Both sides will want something out of the exchange. You can exchange territories, tribute, and cards with others.