"[War] is a subject of inquiry which on no account can be neglected."

Sun Zi, Chinese military strategist

The Art of War is the first Military Military Research available at the Library. It is required to research the second Military technology, Mercenaries.

Researching The Art of War unlocks the Barracks, the Tower, and the Stable.

The default cost is 120 Food Food, the default research time 13.3 seconds (200 frames).

Quick reference cardEdit

The Art of War
Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 120Food
  • Time to complete: Short
  • Gabbagabnbahey Military
  • Mercs Military
  • Ctplt icon
  • Tower icon
  • Baccacks cxi
  • Stable cxi


The Art of War is based on the military book "The Art of War" (or more correctly, "The Laws of Soldiery") written by by the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Zi, the world's oldest known treatise of military science in all history. However, the study of warfare was not confined solely to China, but was also a subject of intense scrutiny in almost all civilizations. The title "Art of War" itself was also given to a much later book by the Italian Renaissance thinker Niccoló Machiavelli (L'Arte della guerra), and was borrowed later by translators of Sun Zi's seminal work.

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