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The Temple is a civilian building and must be built within the economic radius of a city. It increases the city's national borders, hit points, and attack range, essentially making it (much) harder to capture. The Temple also has two technology lines available for research, with the first one increasing the effects of temples and the second one increasing the gather rates of Wealth and Rare Resources.

Effects on a City Edit

Without upgrade, a Temple increases the city's national borders by 2 tiles, its hit points by 25% and attack range by 1 tile. The "Religion" technology line available at the Temple increases the effects of all Temples. Bonuses on hit points are cumulative with the "Carpentry" technology line at the Lumber Mill. If the temple of a city is destroyed or razed, its effects on the city vanish.

An upgraded Temple has a massive impact on the defensive capabilities of a city. With the second upgrade, becoming available with Civic Civic 4, the hit points of a temple's city are effectively doubled, increasing the hit points of a Large City from 2500 to 5000 (not taking into account other factors). So, from that point on it is more effective to first destroy the temple before attacking the city center itself, as this reduces the total time required to bring the city down by nearly 1/4.

Nation Bonuses Edit

  • The British receive double income from Taxation.
  • The Koreans start with a free Temple and receive the Religion upgrades for free, as long as their prerequisites have been met.
  • The Persians automatically receive the Taxation technologies for free, as long as their prerequisites have been met.

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