Survival of the Fittest is an official game scenario in Rise of Nations. It is the most simple scenario in the game and unlike other scenarios, team-based gameplay and forging alliances are not allowed and is deactivated.


  • There are so many factors to consider while being alone in a round while playing in this scenario. Depending on the settings, you will have to watch your back for invasions and it may be required for you to find resources for the taking.
  • While constructing numerous cities within a few minutes may be tempting, you will have to keep an eye out for enemy nations.
    • Instead, be sure to take the time to build up your defenses. If your nation lacks the essential resources to do so, try to focus on your economy.
    • If you really must rush to construct another city, be sure to at least build it nearby your current city to prevent the enemy from getting closer to conquering you.
  • Try to incite enemy nations in attacking each other. This can greatly increase your chance in becoming ahead of them in every aspect. For example, you may have an easier time in eliminating them due to their economy being in shambles during or after their struggle.
    • If another player is using the aforementioned tactic aganist you, try to fortify your borders and bolster your economy.
  • Remember, attacking from more than one area will make it harder for the enemy to counter your strategy.
  • Be sure to have a reserve army in hand if your primary military power is torn apart!
  • If attacking enemy nations are not favorable, you can bolster your economy and defenses to ensure that you can either still inflict damage or repel invasions.
  • In many situations, you may to rely on more than one form of attack. Combining naval, land, and air forces should make you nearly unstoppable.

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