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Sugar is one of the 31 Rare Resources in the game and available from the beginning. It appears as a dark green bush which is supposed to be sugarcanes. Like all rare resources on land, Sugar can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location. Sugar provides the following benefits:

  • Food Food gather rate +10
  • Timber Timber gather rate +10
  • Reduces all Food Food costs by 10%
The latter benefit affects all food costs in the game, whether research, upgrade, building or unit costs. If available nearby, sugar should be one of the first resources to be connected, as this will reduce the costs of a number of things: Citizens, Woodcutter's Camps, Cities, basic infantry and cavalry, the Pyramids as well as Civic Research, early Military Research and Age Advancement all require food.


Sugar — today the bane of dieters and diabetics alike — was once a luxury which could only be imported from India. Extensive trade links with India soon allowed the Muslim Abbasids to experiment with sugarcane and by the onset of the Middle Ages proper, sugarcane was being cultivated in the wettest parts of the Islamic realm, with Baghdad and Cairo being the centres of the sugar industry. The Cornaro clan, the Venetian rulers of Cyprus, grew wealthy from selling sugar to Christian Europe.

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