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The Submarine is the first Submarine class unit. It becomes available in the Industrial Age and upgrades from the Heavy Fireship, the last unit of the Fire Ships class.

Like their predecessors, Submarines are supposed to combat heavy ships like Battleships and Aircraft Carriers and they are also very effective in destroying Transport Ships. In turn, Submarines are countered with Light Ships like Destroyers and Cruisers.

Submarines are stealthed while idle or moving, but reveal themselves when attacking. They become stealthed again when not attacking for a while. Submarines can be detected by detector units or buildings, revealing their position to all enemy units. Submarines are also detectors themselves, detecting hidden enemy units, including enemy subs and stealthed land units.

Combat Edit

The Submarine launches two torpedos per attack, each dealing 48 points of basic damage to the target, for a total damage of 96 points of basic damage per attack. This basic damage is modified depending on the target unit's stats, like it's age, armor etc. Some examples of actual damage dealt (HP = the target unit's hit points):

  • Dreadnought (325 HP): 188 damage per attack - destroyed with the second attack.
  • Battleship (335 HP): 120 damage per attack - destroyed with the third attack.
  • Advanced Battleship (375 HP): 96 damage per attack - destroyed with the fourth attack.
  • Aircraft Carrier (600 HP): 40 damage per torpedo, 80 damage per attack. Requires 8 attacks to be destroyed.
  • Destroyer (205 HP): 40 damage per torpedo, 80 damage per attack. Requires 3 attacks, but destroys a Submarine in 2 attacks.
  • Cruiser (210 HP): 34 damage per torpedo, 68 damage per attack. Requires 4 attacks, but destroys a Submarine in 2 attacks.
  • Submarines (250 HP) or Attack Submarines (290 HP) are always destroyed with the first attack, but will destroy the attacking Submarine as well.
  • Most pre-Industrial Age ships (sailing ships) are destroyed with the first attack, except for the Man-of-War (Heavy Ship), the Corvette (Light Ship) and the Sloop (Light Ship). The Sloop is even able to sink the Submarine in a 1-on-1 encounter, but gets destroyed as well.

Reloading between two attacks takes 3.3 seconds.

Analysis Edit

Despite Submarines having more hit points than all types of Light Ships, they usually can't sustain much damage, as they take extra damage from most counter units. However, groups of these naval units can unleash total devastation on unaware enemy units. In other words, submarines can be used to implement an ambush or guard a specific water route.

Helicopters and Light Ships are excellent counters to Submarines, as they can spot them and deal extra damage to them.

Production Edit

The Submarine is built and upgraded at the Dock. Like most ships, Submarines take up two population points (Population Limit).

Production cost for this unit increases progressively with every Dock unit on the field or currently in production. However, the maximum cost for Submarine is capped at 180 Wealth Wealth / 135 Oil Oil. Actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The Germans build Submarines 33% faster and 25% cheaper.
  • Connecting a Citrus rare resource with a merchant allows that nation's Ships to slowly 'heal' over time while at sea (normally, ships need to be garrisoned in a Dock to get repaired).


The model of the Submarine seems to be based on the German Type VII submarines used during World War II.


  • The model of this unit is historical anachronism considering that ingame becomes available in Industrial Age which is meant to resemble World War I however in reality these submarines were used later during World War II which ingame is represented by Modern Age.
  • There is an low detailed model of 8.8 cm SK C/35 naval gun (details here) mounted on the deck of the submarine, however it does not fire and its purely aesthetic.
  • The number "10" is written on the conning tower.