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Heavy Infantry keeps dying Edit

My Heavy Infantry keeps dying. When I check out my armies after a battle, my Light Infantry is untouched while my fusiliers/rifles/bazookas/etc. is made up of 2 units. What can I do to keep them from dying? - Ran115

Heavy infantry are weak to Ranged Cavalry I think. So, I suggest you back them up with light infantry or something. - Sereniama.
This is pretty common, unfortunately. Heavy Infantry has a shorter attack range than most units (melee until Enlightenment Age), so they are usually the first to get picked on. Also, they are priority targets for Light Infantry and Foot Archers, as well as their mid- and late-game upgrades, Gunpowder Infantry and Modern Infantry, all of which are usually used in large numbers. // Guinsoo 20:18, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

Naval warfare Edit

Naval warfare is really tedious and difficult for me. In Water-based maps, it is really hard for me to take control of the sea. This ends up becoming a problem, because if I cannot get outside my own land-mass, then I cannot secure victory, and my opponent will always have the upper hand. So my questions are: How do I secure the sea in a water-based map (Without too many losses), and what is the best land unit for taking out a navy? - Sanguivorant.

Use artillery units and masses of Light Infantry, because you need massed firepower and strong attacks to take out a ship. Naval Units and land units somehow never do a lot of damage to each other, but massed troops always help. As well, use air power to your advantage. Aircraft Carriers help a lot, and spam Submarines to annoy the enemy. - Ran115
What to do against these annoying fireships? they blow my entire fleet up and i am never be able to sink them?
Light Ships are usually somewhat effective against Fire Ships, unless they get stuck somewhere while trying to intercept them. However, I have to agree, Fire Ships can be very annoying, therefore I have modded my game, so they now move at a slower speed. They are still effective if used in numbers, but single Fire Ships aren't as devestating (and annoying) as in the original game. How to weaken or remove Fire Ships: Modding Fire Ships. // Guinsoo 20:10, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

Artillery "out of supply"?Edit

I have notice this in the status window of artillery. what does it mean?

Siege and artillery units require a nearby Supply Wagon or a Despot/Monarch/Comrade Patriot to operate at full efficiency - without this "supply" an artillery unit reloads and fires at a much slower rate. They won't run out of ammo, though. // Guinsoo 20:01, May 17, 2013 (UTC)