The Strategic Bomber is the second Bomber Aircraft and an upgrade of the Modern Age Bomber. It becomes available in the Information Age. This aircraft is even more powerful against buildings than the normal bomber and has a greater range. It has more health but it is still very weak to AA and enemy fighters. Don't be tempted to use bombers against enemy units as they are very ineffective so don't waste the fuels on them. The best tactic for using bombers is using many of them (five or more) to attack a single target or different targets in a close proximity. This makes them less vulnerable to AA emplacements (there is more to shoot at and therefore less damage dealt) and allows multiple targets to be destroyed in one run.


The standard unit model for most of the nations is based on the American B-52, which is still in service today. However, the model depends on the nation; the East Asian nations use the Russian Tu-22M 'Backfire' bomber as a model. Although the Russian nation for some reason doesn't use the Tu-22M model for their strategic bomber instead using the American B-52.

Strategic Bomber Backfire

Strategic Bomber for Asian nations.

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