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Counter tactics Edit

As Stealth Bombers are immune to ground anti-air, Fighter Aircrafts are the only way to directly counter them. An easy-to-use defense system is to build several Airbases across the territory and have several Fighter Aircraft garrisoned in each of them. Add all Airbases to one hotkey group. When enemy bombers approach, press the hotkey, then select Scramble or press G. This will launch all aircraft from the bases to attack nearby enemy units.

A completely different approach is to focus on the enemy Airbases rather than the bombers. Use your own Bomber Aircraft, Nuclear Missiles, your Scout unit's Sabotage abilities, Battleships etc. to destroy the enemy Airbases - and all aircraft along with it. Even if the enemy aircraft are currently on a mission, they will eventually have to return to a base to refuel or otherwise will crash to the ground.

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