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Stealth Bomber
The Stealth Bomber is a Bomber Aircraft of the Information Age Information Age that is available to upgrade from the Strategic Bomber once Global Prosperity is researched, and are built at the Airbase.


Stealth bombers

Several Stealth Bombers attacking a city.

When Strategic Bombers become Stealth Bombers, they gain +20 hit points, +8 attack strength, +1 attack range and +20 movement speed, as well as +150 Craft Craft. Their operational time is increased to 60 seconds and fuel recharge time is increased to 30 seconds.

Unlike its predecessors, Stealth Bombers cannot be attacked by anti-air units and anti-air buildings such as SAM Installations. However, the plane is still vulnerable to Fighter Aircraft, so bombing missions will often require an escort.

The Stealth Bomber is the most accurate bomber in the game, and is able to drop many bombs with little collateral damage and lay waste to entire cities with several passes.


  • The Stealth Bomber is modeled after the B-2 Spirit.