The unit's infobox shows whether it is currently revealed (left) or hidden (right).

Stealth is an ability of various units in the game. Stealthed units aren't visible to most enemy units and can only be detected by certain detector units and structures.

Stealth is a passive ability and automatically activated. Some units, such as Spies and Submarines, are hidden even while they are moving; others are hidden only when they aren't moving or attacking.

Hidden units have a flashing transparent texture and their infobox shows the hidden status (see image).

Units Edit

  • Scout units gain Stealth ability with their second upgrade, the Medieval Age Explorers. Scouts automatically hide when standing still for a few seconds, but become visible when moving or using a special ability.
  • Spies are always hidden, even while moving. They only become visible right after successfully using a special ability.
  • Submarines are always hidden, even when attacking.
  • Partisans hide when not moving or attacking.
  • Iroquois units hide when in own or allied terrain and not attacking.
  • All ground units are stealthed while within the range of a General or Patriot unit using its Ambush ability, as long as they haven't recently attacked.