"If you seek peace, then prepare for war."
Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Roman writer

Standing Army is the third Military Military Research available at the Library. It is preceded by Mercenaries and leads to Conscription.

The default cost is 160 Knowledge Knowledge and 200 Metal Metal, the default research time 23.3 seconds (350 frames).

Quick reference cardEdit

Standing Army
Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 200 Metal; 160Knowledge
  • Time to complete: Very long
  • Mercs Military
  • Thinredline Military
  • Fortfy Castrum
  • Taxis


The Standing Army is based on the term "standing army" which is used to describe the concept of having professional and permanent army available at any time.

In pre-industrial times, armies were often fully disbanded after wars or campaigns, because of the need to re-divert the manpower in armies back to tending the land to harvest food. While this system was tenable in smaller societies, such as the Mediterranean city-states of the Iron Age or medieval European society, this system of seasonal recruitment soon broke down in the face of continued protracted warfare. A standing army, consisting of full-time professional personnel, would have provided an effective pool of manpower that could be drawn upon to respond rapidly and decisively to any military threat whenever it appeared, as opposed to the more difficult task of having to first wait for the nobility to raise the required number of men to meet the foe.

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