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Tactics Edit

  • Some useful targets to infiltrate: Infiltrating a city center reveals all buildings within the city's radius, which is especially useful prior to an attack. Infiltrating a Library reveals the target nation's research tree. Infiltrating a production facility reveals its current production queue as well as the total number of units the target nation owns (e.g., infiltrating any University reveals the total number of Scholars the target nation currently has).
  • Try to bribe valuable units, like Generals and artillery units. Bribing artillery units is also an effective countermeasure to an enemy siege attacks, as this eliminates their most effective weapon to bring a city's hit points down. Bribing can also be used to create confusion and distraction amongst enemy forces.
  • If the enemy has unique units, bribing them would be vital, as they would have a unique ability your regular or other unique units may not have, especially when you're in either the Gunpowder or Enlightenment Age and your enemy is playing as the Turks. Turks are an aggressive nation and they have 2 forms of unique units: Janissaries and Basillica siege units. Bribing the units would seriously jeopardize an invasion by the Turks, and you can use the bribed unique units against their old nation.

Wonders Edit

Building the IconKremlin Small Kremlin wonder allows you to create Spies instantly and you will also receive one Spy unit for free, which does not count against the Population Limit and is automatically replaced when lost.

Counter-tactics Edit

  • Add Scouts or Spies to your army - they will detect hidden units such as spies within their Line of Sight, allowing friendly units to attack them.
  • Scouts and Spies also have the ability to directly kill an enemy Spy using their Counterintelligence ability.
  • Build Lookouts, Observation Posts or stationary anti-air defenses near your cities and towards the frontline to detect spies accompanying attacking forces.
  • The Patriot units of the Democracy and Capitalism governments protect nearby units from bribing.
  • When one of your units somewhere on the map is currently being bribed, you will hear a fairly distinctive harp sound.