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The Spy is a type of Support Unit, specialized in infiltrating and undermining enemy operations, available from the Medieval Age Medieval Age onwards, as long as Science Science 2 (Mathematics) is already researched. Spies are recruited and upgraded at the Fort.

Overview Edit

Spies are unarmed and extremely weak, starting with a meager 15 hit points and have no armor or weapons. However, Spies are not meant to aid the nation through brute force. They instead have several special abilities at their disposal to carry out special operations.

Medieval spies of all unit styles.

Being infiltration units, they are immune to attrition damage in enemy territory. Spies are also invisible to the enemy most of the time, thus cannot be targeted or attacked by enemy units; they remain hidden even when moving or executing orders, and only units with ability to detect hidden units, including Scouts, Helicopters, and Lookouts (along with all upgrades) can spot them. Also, after successfully completing a mission they become visible for some time, before disappearing from the enemy's radar again. While visible, they can be attacked and killed by any combat unit.

Training and upgrading Edit

Spies (Modern)

Spy units from the Industrial Age onwards.

Spies, along with Generals and Patriots, can be upgraded several times by researching the Tactics technology line at the Fort, this requires both Food and Wealth. Each upgrade increases their movement speed, hit points (+30, +75, +135), line of sight and operation range. In addition to this, each upgrade gives a special bonus: Tactics allows them to be trained twice as fast, Operations doubles the rate at which craft regenerates and Strategy decreases training cost by 50%.

Abilities Edit

Spies have three special abilities at their disposal, which require a certain amount of craft, which regenerates automatically over time. Each spy has a maximum of 1000 craft and successfully using an ability will consume some or all of it (aborting a mission won't consume any craft at all).

Spies stay hidden while using an ability and will remain so if the mission fails or is aborted. However, right after successfully completing a mission, the Spy is revealed to the enemy for some time.

When giving orders with multiple Spies selected, by default only one of them will actually carry them out. I.e., if you have five Spies selected and consecutively target-click on five different enemy units, each Spy will attempt to bribe one of them - quite handy. However, if you want all of your Spies to attempt on the same mission, you can change their behavior in the game options.

  • Counterintelligence (500 craft). Allows the spy to kill an enemy spy unit or to remove an informer from a building or unit. Scouts have this ability as well. Default action when targeting enemy spies (cursor turns into a knife).
  • Informer (500 craft). Infiltrates the target structure or unit, revealing its line of sight to the player who planted the informer. When infiltrating a production or research building, the current production/research (queue) is revealed as well. Some units cannot be infiltrated, such as most civilians and special units.
  • Bribe (1000 craft). The target unit becomes yours - permanently. Some units cannot be bribed, such as Civilians, Ships, Aircraft, scouts, and enemy spies. Artillery units can be bribed, but the Spy has to move next to the target unit. If an enemy building is stranded in your territory, it can also be bribed.

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