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Spain is encountered in two different CtWs: as a playable faction in one, and an antagonistic NPC faction in the other.

New World CtWEdit

The Spanish campaign is fairly challenging, because you are surrounded by several enemies — most notable are the French, the Mayans and the Dutch, who all have a presence around the Gulf of Mexico and can strike at your base of Cuba at any time possible. Eliminating one of them is essential for survival: the French are the easiest to remove from the game, the Mayans the hardest. As in real life, you should try to leave the Maya for the last.

In addition to Tercios and Royal Tercios, the Spanish can also train Conquistadors and Elite Conquistadors. These differ from the Dragoons and Carabineers of other factions by having greater attack, so the Spanish in theory have a moble warfare advantage in comparison to other factions.

CtW Objectives

  • Outlast or destroy the Aztecs, Maya, Inca, Lakota and Iroquois,
  • Control the highest amount of territory
  • Gather 1,000 tribute

Initial startupEdit

Napoleon CtWEdit

Initial startupEdit

  • Territories: Castile (capital, level 5); Aragon (level 2); Seville (level 2)
  • Colonies: Mexico (copper); Peru (relics); Louisiana (bison, citrus)
  • Allied: British; Prussians; Austrians; Savoyards
  • Tribute: 25
  • Bonus: ??

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