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What the Interstellar Ship looks like.

The Space Age is the tenth age in Rise of Nations. You can unlock it by paying 20000 knowledge ,17500 oil, and 15000 money/cash/whatever.

The Space Age takes place between 2040 C.E. and 2100 C.E. It is supposed to represent the colonization of other planets and stars.


The Space Age unlocks a new wonder: the Interstellar Ship.

When you start building it, it costs 13234 knowledge and 25813 oil.

When you are done, the benefits are:

1. When you damage an enemy city, you capture that city instantly. So if you have this with World Government researched, you can eliminate another nation just by damaging its capital.

2. You can right-click it and select 'Launch'. This will launch it into space, and a cutscene will play where it is in orbit around an exoplanet, and deploys a lander. Another brief cutscene will go by, showing the lander landing on the surface. This cutscene is shown to all players at once, even if the player is at war with everyone else.

Also, a new unit is unlocked: Asteroid Impact. Basically, you can just right-click an enemy and select 'Asteroid impact!' and their whole country will be destroyed, and the ground there will be turned to undefeatable lava. It will take about 30-40 minutes for the ground to cool again.


The Icon for the Space Age.

Apocalypse AgeEdit

Main article: Apocalypse Age

The next age is the Apocalypse Age. It is set in the year 22,000. A new world is generated, but all players' nations remain in their relative locations. The world has a nuclear power plant at the center, just like the oasis at the center of another map. This nuclear plant, if you look at it closely, has a word written on it: 'Chernobyl' with the L hanging down. This is an obvious reference to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and the accident in 1986. It is supposed to be safe by the year 22,000, which the Apocalypse Age takes place in. The plant can be destroyed by 20 nuclear ICBMs, and the nation that reaches it first after the destruction gets the fuel rods from the reactor, now weapons grade. These can be transported to any Nuclear Processing Facility, where they will be turned into Thermonuclear ICBMs (TNICBM). They cost 5000 knowledge and 10000 oil each, but can eliminate another player with one hit. However, for 2 minutes after the ICBM explodes, you are unable to generate any resources because a side effect of the nuclear blast is that it clogs up all of the machienery in your nation. Since the TNICBM wipes out another player instantly, the following Nuclear Embargo lasts for 10 minutes, plus another 10 for every new TNICBM.

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