A Commando sniping a General.

Sniper (hotkey: V) is a special ability of late game Scout units. This ability allows a Scout to eliminate military units with one shot and is primarily used against units with high importance, such as Generals or Supply Wagons. The ability cannot be used against Civilians, Ships, and Aircraft. Using the Sniper ability costs 1000 craft.

Almost all military and support units are valid targets. When used, the Scout will aim at a chosen target and a sniper scope will appear on the enemy unit. Vehicles like Artillery Weapons, Supply Wagons or Tanks can be sniped as well, but the Scout has to move close to the target. The Scout becomes visible while sniping, including for a short time afterward, even if the action is canceled before completion.

A successful sniper shot usually kills the unit. An exception to this are Infantry units - sniping will kill just one member of the squad, effectively reducing the unit's total hit points by a meager 33%.


  • Avoid sniping infantry squads, as this is an extremely ineffective way to destroy them.
  • Vehicles can also be destroyed using the Sabotage ability. The action is performed in much the same way: The Scout needs to move close to the target and completing the job kills the vehicle. However, the sniping ability is executed much faster, leaving the enemy less time to kill the Scout.
  • Unlike Generals, all Patriot units are not classified as military support units, but as Civilians instead. This makes them immune to sniping. The CEO (Capitalism government) also protects nearby units from sniping and bribing.