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Smelter upgrades (hotkey: A) increase the production bonus that Smelters add to Metal production.

The second technology line (hotkey: B) improves a number of different things. Every upgrade

Metallurgy MetalEdit

Metal AlloysEdit


"And all the pins of the tabernacle, and of the court round about, were of brass."

—Exodus (38:20)
  • Smelters increase output of mines in host cities by 100%.
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 250Timber; 250Food
  • Time to complete: Fast
S4 Science

Cold CastingEdit


A new means of gaining the sheen and glamour of metal, minus the weight and cost of metal — or even the metal itself for that matter.

—Job (5:8)
  • +6 to National Borders
  • +3 City combat range
  • +100% City HP
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 150Wealth; 150Food
  • Time to complete: Rather fast
  • Religiontech
  • Civ4 Civic
  • Battlepope


"Not alone for the blade was the bright steel made." — Charles Mackay, 19th century Scottish poet
  • Smelters increase output of Mines in host cities by 200%.
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 360Wealth; 360Metal
  • Time to complete: Medium
  • 310388541f2b80f43dca5471be265ba9 Metal
  • Kapowwow Civic

s in enemy territory.

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