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The Smelter is an economic building which increases the Metal Metal output of all Mines in the same city it is built in. The Smelter must be build within a city's economic radius and has two technology lines available for research:

Without upgrades, a Smelter increases the Metal Metal production of each Citizen working on Mines in the same city by 50% or 5 Metal Metal per 30 seconds. The Smelter has no effect on rare resources within the economic radius.

Nation powers Edit

  • The German Power of Industry: Metallurgy technologies are available earlier and at half cost. They can also build Smelters from the beginning of the game.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Smelters do not rise in cost.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Smelters have +25% hit points, are built 20% faster and costs 25% less Timber Timber.


See also Edit

  • Granary, increases Food Food production and researches Agronomics/Healthcare technologies
  • Lumber Mill, increases Timber Timber production and researches Woodworking/Construction technologies