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The Sloop, or sloop-of-war, was a mainly escort-oriented ship, whose main purpose was to protect merchanting ships and Frigates from attack. The sloop was a fairly common ship during the 19th century, and is still used today, though not as commonly anymore.

Use in RONEdit

The Sloop is used like it was intended back when the concept of it was conceived: protection. They protect the Man-of-War from marauding Heavy Fireships and disrupt trade as well.


The well-known sloop-of-war the USS Constitution is the US Navy's oldest ship that is still in active service, more commonly known by her nickname, "Old Ironsides", after a battle with the British Ship the HMS Guerriere in which the shot from the British ship bounced harmlessly off the hull, causing one of the sailors to exclaim, "Her sides are made of iron!"

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