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Shock Infantry are the Russians' unique Modern Infantry of the Information Age, replacing the regular Assault Infantry. They are the final upgrade of the Russians' main infantry line.

Like all previous units of the main infantry line, Shock Infantry are cheap, highly effective assault troops, best used against Heavy Infantry, Artillery Weapons and Support Units. When used in quantity, they can be somewhat effective against other things as well, like Armored Cars (modern Ranged Cavalry) and civilian structures. However, they are weak against Machine Guns and Tanks.

Like all late game infantry, Shock Infantry has a small chance to hit low-flying (attacking) aircraft.

Upgrading Edit

Shock Infantry upgrades from the Modern Age unique Red Guards Infantry, this costs a flat 160 Food Food / 120 Timber Timber. By upgrading, the unit receives +19 hit points, +2 attack strength, +1 attack range, +2 movement speed and +1 line of sight. The unit cost does not change.

In comparison to the standard Assault Infantry they replace, Shock Infantry has a slightly higher attack strength.

Training Edit

Shock Infantry is trained at the Barracks, requiring both Food Food and Timber Timber. Training cost increases progressively with each unit of the same group, that is, Barracks units. However, the maximum cost of Shock Infantry is capped at 180 Food Food / 135 Timber Timber.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shock Infantry is based on the Soviet shock army doctrine, with their appearance being modeled after their 1960s-1970s equipment.
  • Shock Infantry appears to be equipped with AK-47 assault rifles.
  • They also seem to not wear helmets, just ushankas. Furthermore, it appears that they are not wearing any body armor (although it could be likely that their coats are covering their armor).

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