"Every State must treat free men as cogs in a machine — and this is what isn't supposed to happen."
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 19th century German philosopher

Selective Service is the seventh and final Military Military Research available at the Library. It is preceeded by Nation-in-Arms.

The default cost is 1800 Knowledge Knowledge and 1200 Metal Metal, the default research time 43.3 seconds (650 frames).

Quick reference cardEdit

Selective Service
Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 1,800Knowledge; 1,200 Metal
  • Time to complete: Very long
  • Natinarms Military
  • MLRS
  • Crumiss
  • Nukeicbm
  • Misshield
  • S8
  • Civ-wg
  • Globprop


The Selective Service seems to be based on the US Selective Service System which is the institution in charge of maintaining information on those potentially subject to military conscription.

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